Fall Fashion Trends for Boys

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While at BlogHer in New York, I had the opportunity to attend the Momtrends Children's Place event. There, I was able to preview the upcoming Children's Place Holiday line for fall and winter. Most of my boy's clothing comes from the Children's Place, and I am always inspired by their variety of patterns and colors for boys. While there, I had the chance to speak with the creators of the collection about upcoming trends for boys this fall season. The tops trends are listed below, but as always, don't be afraid to let your boys throw in a bit of their own style as well.

1. Pops of Neon Color

One of the main trends this fall will be pops of neon color showing up in clothing. Not full on neon shirts or pants, just small hints or stripes of color throughout a neutral look to give it some wow.

2. Woven Shirts in Plaid

Plaid woven shirts are also a big trend this fall. Whether worn as a main piece or layered over or under other pieces, you can't go wrong with this style. Joshua will be wearing a lot of these over graphic shirts, as he has to have shirts tucked in with a belt at school, but button up shirts like this can be work untucked as long as the shirt underneath is tucked in.

3. Hats

Hats will be big this fall. The fedora is making a comeback too. My two oldest have been begging for one for months. Check out the awesome monster inspired knit hats above. They are adorable and great for both older and younger kids.

4. Large Graphic Prints

Graphic print shirts are sported throughout any season, but this fall will see large graphics making a strong presence. Bold graphics are a must have for layering under jackets and sherpa lined hoodies.

Which of these fall trends for boys is your favorite?

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  1. Your son is a rockstar! Nice cool looking clothes!

  2. I loved the hats and I loved the plaids. Very cute collection!

  3. Such cute trends! My boys love the neon colors.

  4. I love the woven shits. Super stylish and so cute.

  5. I love the first shirt at the top with the plaid vest! Perfect holiday outfit!

  6. Such cute stuff! Boys clothing has come a long way. It used to be so hard to find anything cool for them especially in smaller sizes.

  7. Love the cool looks... But at my house...as long as we have clothes on we are looking good!!lol!

  8. Those hats are cute. I'd love one myself.



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