Our Olympics Themed Family Party!

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It is hard to believe that the Olympics are almost here again. We are really excited about the start of the Olympics later this month and we got into the mood with a fun-filled Olympics themed party this weekend. It is amazing to watch the world come together in fellowship and friendly competition ever four years and I get teary eyed every time the opening ceremony starts. Peace and cooperation of the countries around the world as well as the dedication of our best athletes is definitely something to celebrate.

{Building Family Memories With The Olympics}

I can remember watching the summer Olympics with my mom as a child growing up. It was great way to bond during the summer and our favorite sport to watch was women's gymnastics. We also enjoyed track and field as well as swimming and diving though. Through the years, it is a tradition that I have enjoyed with my boys as well. In fact, Joshua loved men's gymnastics and it has been special to share that with him. This year, you can catch all the action as the Olympics are shown on NBC July 27th-August 12th, check your local listings for details.

{Our Olympic Themed Party}

Want to throw an Olympics themed party of your own? You just need a few things. Sports-themed family activities, yummy Olympics inspired food, fun decorations and a winning attitude!

First we setup some amazing family fun activities. These were all inspired by official Olympic events, including gymnastics, shot put, volleyball and field hockey.

Then, we let the boys let loose and show off their Olympic sized athletic abilities. To be honest, Matt got pretty into most of the events himself!

While the boys were having a blast staying active and getting involved outside, I whipped up some delicious food for lunch inspired by the Olympics. We had Olympic ring pepperoni pizza, Olympic logo onion rings and Olympic torches made from popcorn and ice cream cones. I decorated the table with the Olympic Rings  craft that the boys and I had done earlier in the day using some craft foam and hot glue.

Dessert was a yummy chocolate cake, topped with white icing and m&m's in the shape of the Olympic rings.

At the end of our Olympics themed party, we had a little winner's ceremony. As you can tell from the photo, some of the boys were more enthusiastic than others.

Getting ready for the Olympics? Why not throw a themed party of your own. It is a tons of fun and a great way to get friends and family excited for the events to come! Be sure to tune into NBC for official Olympics coverage beginning July 27th.

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  1. What a fun party! Very creative too and it looks like everyone had fun!

  2. What a cool idea! Especially the onion rings!

  3. Such fun ideas and the food looks delicious!

  4. Looks like you had a great party.

  5. I love how creative and fun your party was! All those games!

  6. Looks like a blast my kids LOVE croquet! All this Olympic talk is getting me excited.

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  8. Looks like everything turned out perfectly!

  9. What a fun party! I have not played croquet since I was a kid!

  10. Love your cake. What a fun, simple idea!

  11. What a great idea! maybe I do a party soon. the kids would love it!

  12. So much fun!!!! I loved all your outside games. You make me want to get my croquet set out!

  13. LOL, it looks like you guys had a fabulous time. Love all the food ideas.

  14. haha great post, looked like fun.

  15. great idea! perfect games with olympic colors...circles/rings.
    I also grew up watching Team USA with my mom who loved to watch both summer and winter games.
    Great Memories!
    floridagld at yahoo dot com

  16. also I just shared on SU



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