4 Signs of Swimmer's Ear - Alleviate Pain with Similasan Ear Relief Drops

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With the summer comes plenty of family pool time. This is fun, but unfortunately can often attract unwanted ailments like Swimmer's Ear too. The boys love to swim like little fish all summer long. From the time their heads leave the pillow, they are begging to hop in the water. While we take preventative measures to keep them safe and prevent infections, sometimes they do get clogged ears or develop Swimmer's Ear. Treatment is pretty simple with Similasan Ear Relief Drops though and they are back to feeling like themselves again in no time.

4 Signs of Swimmer's Ear

If you or your children have never experienced Swimmer's Ear, then count yourselves lucky. It is uncomfortable and no fun at all. How can you tell if you have Swimmer's Ear?
  • Continued itching inside the ear.
  • The ear is leaking an odorless clear fluid.
  • Pain that occurs when pushing on the little bump inside your ear or pulling on the outer lobe of the ear.
  • Redness inside the ear.
Think you have Swimmer's Ear? If so, you can easily treat it with the Similasan Ear Relief drops. They can be found online and in your local stores as well. We have used them for years and are loyal customers of the brand, who really are dedicated to helping people feel better. They help to free any water that may be trapped in the ear. Using the drops is simple. Just put 4-5 drops in the affected ear and you can repeat as many as 4 times a day for up to two days. 

The Similasan Ear Relief Drops can also be used with other ear irritations from water too. In fact, my 8 year old has a lot of ear wax buildup that we use another Similasan product for, but he often hears water trapped in his ear as soon as he gets out of the pool. We use the Similasan drops as a preventative measure a lot of the times with him when he has that sensation, to help curb any potential problems later on.

Did you know- Similasan Ear Relief was the #1 Pharmacist Recommended ear drop formula for the 10th year in a row!

If you or your children are planning on spending a lot of time in the water this summer, be sure to check out the Similasan Ear Relief Drops and help ward off the signs of Swimmer's Ear.

*I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Burst Media on behalf of Similasan. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, but my opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! I was looking for something to help with my tot's swimmer's ear

  2. My husband tried this for another reason and really liked that it took away the pain

  3. I had a very painful ear a few weeks ago... and the drops I tried didn't help a bit. Sure wish I'd known about Similasan at the time! But I know now and will keep some on hand. :-) Katharina



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