Protect Your Home from Burglars During Summer Travel

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Summer vacations are tons of fun. Unfortunately, they are less fun when you come home to a house that has been burglarized. This has always been a fear of mine and is one of the reasons why we always take some special precautions before going out of town. Summertime is prime time for burglars who can case a house and know when a family may be out of town, leaving the house open for easy pickings. If you are planning a vacation this season, be sure to consider some of these summer safety tips.

Install a Home Security Device

There are a million different kinds of home security devices that can be used to help protect your home while you are away. From door and window alarms and sensors to fully fledged and monitored security systems that can have the cops at your home in a matter of minutes. Having even the most basic system in place however can help deter a potential burglar.

Advertise Your Security System

Want to further deter potential thieves? Use those home security signs that come with most systems. You can also purchase your own online or at your local store. Most burglars would rather skip over a house with security signs then take the chance of getting caught.

Have Someone Check In Regularly

If you have a pet that is going to be left at home or have someone who will be getting your mail, have them stop by regularly. Stacked up newspapers in the driveway and a mailbox full of mail is a surefire sign that you are not home an advertisement to burglars. Having someone stop by regularly to check the mail and look in on the house is a great idea while on vacation.

Consider Lighting

Before you leave, consider leaving your porch light on, an inside light on or even installing some security motion sensor lighting outside the home. Burglars are less likely to make their move on a well lit home where they will be far more visible to potential witnesses.

Don't Inform Others of Your Plans

Unless you are close friends with your neighbors, it may be best not to inform them of your plans to leave on vacation. As the infographic above shows, burglars are not as far away as you may think. It is very possible that you may have one living near your home and in your own neighborhood.

What tips do you use to protect your home when going on a summer vacation?

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  1. I gotta say, I clicked over from my reader thinking you had been burglarized and was very disappointed to see that this was yet another sponsored post. I really like your blog but it's become too much like watching my favorite tv show that never comes back from commercial.

  2. I apologize that you were disappointed by the sponsored post. I have done two within that last few weeks, but always try to make sure there is regular content in between them.

    Unfortunately, my blog is a business to me and a means for me to support my boys. I do have the need for ads and yes, sometimes sponsored posts. I try my best to create an even balance.

  3. Great information! These are valuable tips, and the fact that you were paid to share them doesn't change that at all :)

  4. Thanks for the tips - we have a security system, but it isn't hooked up. I really think we need to do it. Sponsored post or not, this is an important one!

  5. Sponsored or not - good information!! Definitely necessary with all the summer vacations coming up. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the great tips! They are so important any time of the year. I get nervous when we leave for the holidays to go visit family.

  7. To the above commenter - it's kind of a bizarre statement to say you're disappointed someone WASN'T burglarized. Anyway, I don't have a problem with sponsored content from time to time and I think this is really useful information, regardless!

  8. I love looking at the info-graphics like this so much useful information and scary at the whole time too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great info! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Everyone talks about theft and home break ins, but you never realize the details and how possible it is until you see something like this. I'm going to show my husband - thank you!

  11. I think the information given, both the infographic and the tips, are wonderful and cruicial in assuring the safety of your home and family. Thank you for sharing them and KUDOS for getting paid to do so!

    PS - Haters make you famous <3

  12. I too, think these are great tips. I'm glad you weren't burglarized...and I like that you are helping others to prevent it with these tips!

  13. Even if this is a sponsored post it was very informative. I appreciate you posting this!



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