Mindless Monday - Hilarious Signs

9:30 AM

I have done Mindless Monday posts before. Basically, when I feel mindless I assume others do too. I know it is Monday, but it is kind of hard for me to get going today, so I thought we could all have a little fun with these hilarious signs. We've all seen signs that are funny or just don't make sense from time to time and these are some great ones. That reminds me, on vacation at the Nick Hotel last week, we saw an area that had all kind of chairs and tables in it and then a sign right in front of it that said "No chairs in this area." Anyway, enjoy these Mindless Monday signs!

Photo by josephleenovak.

Photo by au_tiger01.

Photo by w.marsh.

Photo by AmusingThailand.

Photo by pfenwick.

Photo by tv42

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  1. Ha ha those are so funny! I would love to see a funny sign while I am driving down the road!

  2. Those are hilarious! I literally lol'd at some of them!

  3. Heehee, those are too funny -- "yes children count as people."

  4. Funny that some of them are necessary!

  5. LOL too funny, I'm trying to picture someone walking in on a person washing their feet in a toilet.

  6. I'm wondering how many people washed their feet in the toilet to warrant the sign?!?! :)

  7. I'm actually laughing out loud. Perfect for a Monday!

  8. These are some good ones. I especially like the first one. I guess they are not too worried what might happen to the person who gets eaten?

  9. That is too funny! Ha, I love this persons sense of humor.



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