Funny Translations of Cute Baby Faces

10:34 AM

"Oh no boys! They're putting Elmo on again!"

Ever wonder what is going through a baby's head when they make some of their faces? Yeah, me too. If only we could see into their little minds and know what they were thinking. Or, maybe we wouldn't like what we found out. Either way, I thought it would be fun to put some translations to some adorable baby faces.

"I told you I don't like peas. Just give me the yummy bananas dangit!"

"Yeah, just wait until you see what I did in this diaper."

"Really, you think making that face and that noise is going to make me laugh?"

"What? It wasn't me."

"Would you people quit talking to me and just let me sleep?"

"Really mom? It had to be the Where's Waldo shirt?"

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  1. Too cute! Babies do make some really funny faces!

  2. Hehe! That's awesome - love baby faces!

  3. Ah, so cute. The diaper quote made me laugh.

  4. Ha ha that is so cute, and cute little baby faces!

  5. I loveee captions on baby photos, can't wait to do it to my own kiddo lol



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