4 Summer Updo Hair Tutorials for Short to Medium Hair

9:10 AM

short hair updo

When the hot weather rolls around here in Florida, the last thing I want is sticky sweaty hair on my neck and face. I started searching for new summer updo hair tutorials that would work for short hair a while ago and thought some of you might find use in them too. These are all adorable and pretty simple for a quick trip to the park or a day at the beach!

1. Double Messy Bun Short Hair Updo

This is a great twist on the traditional messy bun and is a great look in under three minutes. I tried it and was able to get it done the first time, which is a rarity for my beauty challenged self.

2. Quick Summer Medium Hair Updo

This is a good one if your hair is at least shoulder length or a little above. It can be trickier since it involves pinning up different sections, but it looks really cute when you can get your hair to cooperate.

3. Fancy Ponytail Updo

If you have curly hair or want to do a pretty updo with your freshly curled hair, this is a cute option for summer. You would likely need at least shoulder length hair and this does require pins, but is pretty simple to achieve.

4. Cute 5 Minute Short Hair Updo

This one does call for lightly curled hair, so you may want to prep before going for this look. It is really simple and looks good though, even if you don't have rocking pink hair.

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  1. Fun! I love summer hairstyles. I'm always so warm so my hair goes straight up. Love that double messy bun, easy too!

  2. I agree with Nichol, the double bun is really cute and easy.
    I'm always putting mine up in a pony tale or in braids.
    I thought it was funny that the universal way to open a bobby pin is with your front teeth. =)
    Thanks for sharing... I really needed these.

  3. I have long hair and the humidity here is giving me the major frizzies (it's a word). :) I need to find some updos for the summer. I can pull these off, I think.

  4. Thank you! I love putting my hair up in summer. Great tutorials.

  5. Those are really cute. I wish I could get my hair to do something.

  6. Great ideas. I've been looking for an updo for my sock bun curls.

  7. That's what I miss about long hair! I wanna put mine up!

  8. Even with tutorial, I can never get my hair to look good.

  9. Those are very cute. I need hair tutorials like these, I'm not the most handy with hairstyles.

  10. The double bun is cute... makes me miss my perms.

  11. Gosh I really need to learn how to do hair.. poor kiddo is going to always have a pony tail.. lol

  12. I wish having a baby around didn't eat up all my time for playing around with my hair!



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