Picture Translations for Common Kid Phrases

10:44 AM

kid pouting
"You're Mean!"

We all know that kids are usually straightforward with what they say. There usually is no interpretation needed. In fact, some common kid phrases can create an instant picture image in our head that says it all. You know that phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, in these cases it is completely true.


broken window


spilled milk

"It Wasn't Me"

innocent face

"It Was an Accident"

kid cutting hair

"I'm Bored"

kid bored

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  1. Those are so accurate!!!! Cute! (except a few of them aren't so cute when actually happening to us) ;)

  2. The photo of a self haircut could also be titled "Grounded for life"

  3. Very funny, and have heard and seen them all.

  4. Lol! And too familiar too, by the way :)

  5. My sister cut her own hair when she was little. She literally cut to the scalp in a few places. My mom about flipped. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that bangs picture scares me! lol

  7. LOL those are common phrases in my home.

  8. These are too cute. I've seen these faces on my boys before.
    Love this post!

  9. These are AWESOME! All they need is for that very last one to have a HUGE pile of toys behind the boy, maybe with a swing set and a gaming console thrown in there too! Lol Thanks for sharing! :)



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