DIY Yarn Wreath with Two Tone Felt Flowers Tutorial

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I saw an adorable yarn wrapped wreath with felt flowers on Pinterest the other day. The problem was that it led me to an Etsy store where the wreaths were for sale for $40. Not being the one to want to part with my money, I started thinking of how I could make the same wreath on my own but for less. Below is a yarn wrapped wreath tutorial and I threw in a two toned felt flower tutorial as well, since I couldn't find one online that mentioned two colors instead of one. The total cost was about $9, but you may be able to get it cheaper if you can find a cheaper wreath form and have yarn already on hand.

yarn wrapped wreath materials

Wreath form
Multiple sheets of felt in different colors
Hot glue gun
Something round to trace a circle with
Embellishments if desired

Yarn Wrapped Wreath Tutorial

wrapping a wreath with yarn

Step 1. Start wrapping your yarn around the wreath form. You can use any type of wreath form you want. I used a straw one and left the plastic on for easier wrapping because it was cheaper. Don't worry about being too precise, because you can go back later and wrap the gaps.

yarn wrapped wreath

Step 2. Once you have wrapped the entire wreath for the most part, go back and wrap any gaps that may have appeared. It is okay to skip from one area to another, it all ends up looking even in the end.

Step 3. Tie off the end of the yarn in the back of the wreath so it is secure.

yarn wreath with felt flowers

Step 4. Add felt flowers and other embellishments to your wreath with a hot glue gun. The two toned felt flowers tutorial can be found below.

Two Tone Felt Flower Tutorial

Step 1. Place two sheets of felt on top of each other and trace a circle onto the top sheet. The larger the circle, the bigger your flower will be.

Step 2. Cut out the circles from both sheets of felt and then cut off a quarter to a half inch of the circle from the color of felt that you want to be the secondary color. This will leave you with one circle that is slightly smaller than the other.

Step 3. Cut the felt circles in a spiral shape and then start rolling the color you want to be dominant into a tight spiral.

Step 4. Start adding in the second felt spiral in the alternating color to the spiral of the dominant color you have already started. Think of it like making a cinnamon roll. Just fold the two spirals in together so that they form alternating layers of color.

Step 5. Once the flower is finished, secure the back of it with some hot glue to keep the layers together.

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