Caption This Kid 5/16

8:30 AM

Another hump day is hear and Caption This Kid has arrived to add a little fun to your week. If you have not participated before, it is simple. Just leave a comment below with your best caption for the kid in this week's photo. One comment will be randomly chosen next week and the winner will receive a $5 gift card. It's that easy! Our winner from last week was comment 12 from Piper! Congrats to Piper and don't forget to leave your comment for a chance to win!

I chose a girl this week since I just realized all the other ones have been boys. Have fun and don't forget to leave your comment!

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  1. What fun this is!!
    She is precious!
    My caption is
    "Jesus loves this girl!!"

  2. Mirror, Mirror in my hand, guess I'M the cutest in all the land!

  3. "I am so cute and I love my tiara!"


  4. "Snow White has nothing on me!"

  5. I just know I look good, but this darn hair thingy hurts like crazy.

  6. Ooooo....I make LIFE look GOOOOOOOOOOD!



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