4 Top Tips for Planning an Outdoor Party

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Seeing as this is Memorial Day weekend and everyone is gearing up for some fun outdoors, including us, I thought I would share some of my top tips or planning an outdoor party. This weekend, friends and family will flock over to our place for some good food and plenty of fun. Planning an outdoor party can present some challenges though and if you aren't careful, can get pretty pricey too. These tips are designed to ensure everyone is comfortable, happy and to help keep the costs down.

1. Prep Your Yard and Deck Area

The number one tip for having any outdoor party is to prep the area first. By this, I mean make sure no uninvited pests will be dropping in on you and your guests. For our party this weekend, we started out by spraying the backyard area with Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate in the ready to spray bottle. This is a really simple product to use and best of all, it works! You just hook up the nozzle on the bottle to your hose, turn it on and start spraying. Make sure to keep kids and pets out of the area until the spray has dried. Once you are done, the 5,000 sq. foot area will be free from mosquitos, ticks and even fleas!

For the deck itself, we will use the Cutter Backyard Bug Control Fogger about 8 hours before the party. This works just like a fogger you would use in the home for fleas or other pest, but it will work to eliminate these unfriendlies from your deck or porch. It kills the pests on contact, but does not have a residual effect like the spray above. It is perfect for removing all bugs shortly before your event.

2. Use Seasonal Foods

Using seasonal foods in your menu planning for an outdoor party can drastically reduce costs. When things are in season, they can usually be found for a lot cheaper. Planning a BBQ? Why not put some roasted corn on the cob or peppers on your menu plan? Fresh veggie trays and plenty of fresh seasonal fruit such as watermelon is another inexpensive option. Now is the perfect time to squeeze some fresh homemade lemonade as well. Not only will seasonal foods save you money, but they are absolutely delicious!

3. Get Creative with Decorations

Decorations are one area of party planning that can really set you back a bundle if you aren't careful. A lot of people take for granted how simple decorating for an outdoor party can be. Try to think outside of the box and utilize items you may already have. Why not string some white lights from Christmas along your outdoor gazebo or porch to create a firefly-like glow. Use candles and vases full of wild flowers as table decorations. Using what you already have and the beauty that is already outdoors to decorate your outdoor get together can provide some cute and inexpensive ideas.

4. Keep the Kids Busy

Whether you want to provide outdoor crafts like this great homemade finger paint, or fun water activities like setting up a sprinkler in the yard, make sure you have plenty for the little ones to do. The last thing you want is kids whining about being bored while you and your adult guests are trying to catch up. By planning plenty of fun activities for them to burn off some energy with, you will keep the mood fun for everyone!

What are your favorite outdoor party planning tips?

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  1. Great tips! And perfect timing too - we're not doing a Memorial Day party, but we do have my son's birthday coming up in 2 weeks. We always do an outside party since it's been beautiful weather (with the exception of the actual day he was born haha). I think I'm definitely going to do the bug sprays this time!

  2. My tip would be to get some great music together to play during the party. :) Great list!

  3. My tip would be the repellent... I hate bugs!

  4. You know, I always complain about the bugs but never though to actually DO anything about them before a party or just a cookout. Duh! lol

  5. Awesome tips!! Some sort of sprinkler is a must for us when planning outdoor parties! Especially in our Louisiana heat!

  6. great tips! I definitely need to give my yard a spray for ticks.

  7. love love party planning tips thanks for sharing

  8. Yes, Yes, YES on both the Cutter and keeping the kids busy. We love Cutter products here and it has been an amazing product to fight our mosquito infestations!



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