Re-purposed DIY Planter Box Centerpiece

8:25 AM

We are putting the finishing touches on remodeling the dining room and I thought it was about time I had a centerpiece for my new table. The problem is that I wanted something different and couldn't find anything I liked in the store. So, I turned to the Internet and saw this planter box over at Shanty 2 Chic. I loved it and knew with a few adjustments, it would make the perfect centerpiece. Best of all? It was cheap to make and looks adorable.


9 - 12 oz. glass bottles. I used old green tinted coke bottles, but you could use any you like.
1 - 1x6x4
1 - 2x4
Circular Saw

Step 1:

Cut the 1x6x4 into two 2 foot sections and then cut a two foot matching section off the 2x4 board and attach them as pictured below. We used a nail gun, but you could also use a strong adhesive instead.

Step 2:

Measure and cut two small sections from the 2x4 to fit into the ends of the box as shown in the picture below.

Step 3:

Paint or stain your box and insert bottles with flowers of your choice. I chose to paint mine white as it went best with the color scheme of the room and my dark wood table. I also temporarily used some dandelions from outside since I have not been to the craft store to get any artificial flowers yet.

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  1. I love it! You did a great job.

  2. How adorable! I love the green Coke bottles you chose. Plus I love the fact that you can change the flowers to fit whatever season or theme your table is dressed for.
    I cannot wait to see the finished product. Your taste is awesome.

  3. Great idea. I have a friend that uses a planter box to feed her cats. She has is outside for them.

  4. Looks great! I would love to try this with big bright pink gerber daisys!

  5. I love crafts. You did an incredible job.

  6. That is so cute! I would love to try this, my kids would have so much fun with it.

  7. I love that...super cute and I love that it's a cheap project.

  8. What a great idea and I love the vintage look it has.

  9. Wow, you are so creative! I love this, it looks really cute! :)



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