5 Things You May Not Know About Me

5:42 PM

Today is Monday and that means Monday Mojo with Eclectic Six Media Blogging Community. Are the Monday blues getting to you? Need a writing prompt to help get your creative juices flowing for the week? Every Monday. E6Media provides a fun and easy writing prompt to help get your blogging week started. Feel free to link up and join in the fun! This weeks prompt was 5 things no one know about you, so without further ado, here are 5 things you may not know about me and may not want to.

1. I once swallowed a diamond earring and it never came back out. That means my stomach is worth a good junk of change.

2. My favorite color is black. No, I am not goth, I just like the color and do not own one single item of pink clothing.

3. I hate hairy chests! Like really really hate them!

4. I only got two grades lower than an A all through high school.

5. I hate mushrooms, squash (unless mashed), zucchini and any other item of a similar texture. I don't hate the taste, just can't stand to chew it.

There ya go! Five things you probably didn't know about me and may not have wanted to. Don't forget to link up your posts every Monday!

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  1. I love learning personal things about my favorite writers! I'm with you on the color black, the hairy chests (ewww!) and I had similar grades in college--I hated high school.

  2. I LOVE mushrooms. I can't picture cooking without them!

  3. Are you SURE the diamond didn't come out? I mean, did you sift through it all to check? LOL eewwww. I just grossed myself out.

  4. LMAO Rhea, my dad made me for over a week. Nope, no diamond.



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