The World of Parenting As Seen By Our Kids

7:05 AM

A long time ago, I learned that once your children get old enough to talk and form opinions of their own,  there starts to be a difference in the things you say when parenting your children and how they interpret them. As parents, we are often deemed unfair, hateful or just plain mean! Your child asks if they can have two candy bars before dinner. You say no and suddenly you are the Wicked Witch of the West. To prove my point, check out these examples of how common parenting phrases are often seem by kids.

What You Say: "Clean You Room."

How Kids Perceive It:

What You Say: "Eat Your Vegetables."

How They Perceive It:

What You Say: "Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me."

How They Perceive It:

What You Say: "No, That TV Show is Not Appropriate."

How They Perceive It:

What You Say: "No More Video Games."

How They Perceive It:

What We Say: "Please Clean the Pet Cage."

How They Perceive It:

* This is just a generalization and not necessary evident of what my own kids do or say or what yours might do or say. This was written in a humorous way only.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I interpreted stuff the exact same way when I was a kid!



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