Feathers and Fury - A Tale of Neighborly Discourse

2:03 PM

Call it pregnancy hormones, but I have been on a rampage against rude people. I now find myself with a dilemma that I don't quite know how to solve. This issue has been going on for a few weeks now and I am about to break. It all boils down to chickens. Live, squawking, crowing chickens that terrorize me, the kids, the dog and even the cats.

My neighbors own two roosters and about 4-6 hens. They have owned them for quite a while, but as well have a large fenced in yard, it has never been an issue before. That all changed a few weeks ago when the chickens got in the habit of coming over to our yard. The scratch around, poop everywhere and eat the cat's food. They even come up on the front porch and crow first thing in the morning on the weekends.

The problem is that I am deathly afraid of birds, any kind of birds and especially chickens. Silly I know, but at least I am not afraid of something really crazy like pickles. The neighbors know they spend all day over here and eventually just don't care. I went over and spoke with the woman once and she came and got them, but now they just don't give a dang.

So, what do I do? I have chased them, the boys have chased them and they just keep coming back. I am trying not to start a neighborhood feud, but I am getting really angry as each day passes and these people continue to let their animals come over here. Ideas?

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  1. Believe it or not this really isn't that uncommon. We had a rooster that attacked my nephew. The dogs would have ignored it (they were retrievers and geese, frequently will bite and claw while they are being retrieved), Scary, but they really can't do much damage.

    We 'solved' our problem by making him dinner.

    I would ask your neighbor to please keep in their yard and, if not, ask them to build a fence. Last resort, call animal control. There, usually, are laws about letting 'pets' run free. Of course, this could start a feud.

  2. I would suggest you throw some "chicken feed" over the fence and give the chickens something to do in their own yard. Cat food, bird feed, whatever, and hopefully they will keep busy on their own side of the fence. We raised chickens for several years, and they are not the "sharpest knives in the drawer."

  3. That is a really good idea Mary! I never thought of that. If I do it every morning for a while, they will get used to just staying over there. A peaceful resolution!

  4. I do like Mary's idea... if not, I say you have dinner for a few nights. =0
    Shame on them for not respecting your property! I do think that you should speak to them one more time if the food idea doesn't work. Then if they are still ignorant about it, call animal control and don't worry about starting the feud, they have started it by their stupidity!
    Hope you are feeling well. =)

  5. I love chicken pie and I know Dad taught you how to shoot... Go talk to your neighbors and if they don't take care of their animals and respect you, your property and your children not to mention your numorous attempts at being a good neighbor I say: " Enjoy Dinner"

  6. If you've been more than nice, I'd call animal control. If that doesn't work, I'd give the neighbors fair warning that you're not responsible for what may happen to their animals on your property, and they could end up being dinner.



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