Men. Easier Fed Than Understood + $1/1 Ball Park Coupon!

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It is no secret that testosterone runs my household. Sometimes it is so packed with male hormones, I can actually feel my own voice getting deeper. Really though, as my boys get older, I find them harder and harder to understand and I long ago gave up trying to grasp the inner workings of Matt's brain. One thing that is simple though, is finding food that they love and that is easy to make. Ball Park Franks knows where women are coming from and understand that Men are far easier to feed than they are to understand. Does any woman really know why burping the alphabet is hilarious?

To help women feed the men or boys in their lives the food they love without the hassle of trying to understand the depths of football plays, baseball stats or the latest action movies, Ball Park has introduced their new campaign motto "Men. Easier Fed Than Understood." They are bringing out the humor behind "guy time" and our fruitless efforts as women to make sense of the babble that comes out of their mouths when they all get together. They understand the needs of a man and know that "guy time" is important and gives us women the much needed breaks we need to sit back and relax with the girls. I don't know how it is at your house, but at ours, throw out some premium hot dogs, a grill and some great sides and you won't hear a peep from the guys of the house for the rest of the day.

Nothing could better demonstration the new Ball Park Frank's campaign than their new 99% Sure Commercial, check it out below!

I look forward to working with Ball Park on their new campaign and can't wait to share more of the hilarity with all of you. Want to get a start on providing great "guy time" food just in time for the big game? Stop by the Ball Park Franks' Facebook page and print out some great $1 off Ball Park coupons today! They have something for everyone in the family, from Smoked White Turkey Franks for a healthier option or mouth watering Angus Beef "man dogs."

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  1. Omg, I LOVE hot dogs... Like it's probably unhealthy how much I love hotdogs. Now I really want chili cheese dogs. And I don't have any hotdogs. Or chili. Or cheese. Thanks a lot, Kathleen

  2. My boys would eat hot dogs for every meal if I let them. I just wish they were healthier.

  3. The Ball Park Turkey dogs are a great healthier option Rhea and my boys can't tell the difference!

  4. when I was growing up, if it was my dad's night to cook we always got hotdogs. We had kraft dinner and hotdogs, beans and hotdogs....frig, he even put hotdogs in chicken noodle soup! I still love the damn things.

  5. lol Hot dogs in chicken noodle soup. Not too sure about that one Heather.

  6. I have to agree with Kathleen. The turkey ones are awesome to eat. Me and wife switched from.regular to turkey. My daughter loves them to. For a quick on the go snack. We actually make her the MAC and cheese and cut up little turkey dogs and mix them in... She loves them.

    daddy america



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