Has Common Courtesy Been Replaced By The Me Generation?

6:27 AM

I am currently at Disney World with my four boys for a week. I trip that always brings plenty of laughter, smiles and magic. However, this year it has also brought along something else, a general lack of common courtesy. It has been so noticeable on this trip, that I felt the need to write this post at 6AM as I wait for the boys to get up and ready for another day of fun. Do people not have manners anymore, or is it that they have them, but the new concepts of the "me" generation are taking control, even in the Happiest Place on Earth?

I have always taught my children to respect others and to use manners. If someone is taking a picture of their family, stop and wait a second or walk around, don't just trudge in front of their camera. Yes, I know Disney is a busy place, but if others just stopped so you could take a picture, don't let your kid put his face right in front of my camera as soon as I try to take a picture of my son in the same spot.

Lines are there for a reason. If we walked all the way around to get to the back of the bus line, then why do you think it is okay to walk up from the other direction at the last minute and get in the front as the bus is boarding? If you had been patient and waited, you would not have had to stand on that bus, another came 2 minutes later and we left virtually empty.

If you walk in front of someone, cut them off, make them fall down, hit them with your battering ram, I mean stroller, then say excuse me at least. Also, if my son accidentally is not paying attention and walks in your way I am sorry, but when he says excuse me and sorry nicely, do not say "yeah right" to him and scream for him to get out of your way. My child was obviously taught more manners than a 40 year old woman who just embarrassed her children with her impersonation of Ursula the Sea Witch.

Life is short people and you never know who will reach out to you when you are in need. Slow down a little, especially on a fun family vacation. Realize that everyone else paid just as much to be here as you and try to use the manners that your mom hopefully taught you.

So what do you think? Are manners and common courtesy gone for good in today's "me" generation mindset?

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  1. It's pretty indicative of how people are now. Even when others show manners when out, I've seen them rebuked just like your son was. It's sad really.

  2. Absolutely! And it is so wrong. "Me" generation and "entitlement" go hand in hand and it is taking over our society. How do you fight it? As a parent and grandparent, I hate how rude people have become; always demanding "their rights" and "me first." Whatever happened to manners, kindness and consideration?

  3. When I was shopping in dollar Tree ,people just shoved past me and didn't even say excuse or i'd just about get a dirty look for allowing them to go ahead of me in the front door.

  4. I do think that is a huge problem with the "me" generation. My husband preaches this often and I still am in awe of the lack of courtesy that surrounds us not just by the young but people my very own age. I just don't understand how things have changed this much it is sad.

  5. It is crazy out there sometimes. Crowded places seem to bring out the worst in people and then it makes being in the crowd or standing in line even worse. That stinks that you had to deal with that but hopefully it didn't smudge your fun memories.

  6. I hear you! Some families just seem to let their kids run riot with no thought for anyone else and as has been said before, it's not just the young, holding doors open for the older generation and you don't even get a thank you! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

  7. people are always in a hurry to go nowhere fast. It's so sad. I hope you guys still had an awesome time!

  8. It's sad to see bad manners at a happy place like Disney. That leaves little hope for the rest of America. Hope you had fun anyway!

  9. People are incredibly rude these days, and so many people have lost respect for everything. It's so sad.



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