Searching for the Perfect Gifts for Kids? WowWee Has It Covered! Save 10%

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We are huge fans of WowWee toys in this home. My 8 year old has long been a fan of Paper Jamz and the new Light one of the first ever WOW-Moms, I of course jumped at the chance! They really do produce some of the coolest and most affordable toys on the market for both girls and boys. Their new line of Light Sprites for girls are adorable and my 6 year old even enjoyed playing with them.

{About the WowWee Products}
"Light Up Your World with the award winning Lite Sprites.  Lite Sprites live in Lite-Topia, an enchanted land that sparkles with color and light.  With a Lite Wand, your daughter can collect color from her world and share it with the Lite Sprites and their world.  Lite Sprites is great for girls age 4 and up
2010 was the year of Paper Jamz.  While last year kids jammed out like a "Rock 2011 they can sing like one too thanks the Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone.  Paper Jamz is loved by just about anyone!
Recently launched Light Strike takes video game into the real world!  Light Strike encourages team play, strategy and a whole lot of FUN for boys!"
{Our Take!}

We were sent a gigantic box of toys to try out. Included in the box was the full line of new WowWee Light Strike toys, some new Light Sprite sets and a few of the newest Paper Jamz toys, including the Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar. When I opened that box, Christmas came early and the look on my boy's faces were priceless. They had to wait to play with them until we went to church on Sunday, where I had arranged for a playdate for all the children to enjoy the toys together.

Boy did the kids enjoy themselves! There was a lot of running involved and I quickly learned that snapping pictures of running children is a skill I need to get better at. The Light Strike guns were a huge hit with the boys. They loved that there were targets they could aim at and that told them when they had been hit. There is also a large spinning target that lights up with the colors of different teams and can be used for strategic game play. The guns themselves have a headphone jack, which means that moms and dads don't have to hear the totally awesome noises the guns make. There are fingerprint identifiers, snap on scopes, and other realistic features that make the Light Strike line a ton of interactive fun.

The little girls who played with the Light Sprite toys were in awe. They had to be drug away from the toys at the end of playtime and loved that there were little pets to play with as well. The set was very easy to snap together and took maybe two minutes to assemble. It is easy to work as well, so even smaller children can enjoy them.

Paper Jamz. What can I say? They give every child the ability to be a rock star at a super low price. The microphone was a clear favorite here. At one point there were about 6 boys trying to sing into it at once. It has a lot of different features and you can sing along with the built in songs or jam out all by yourself. The Justin Bieber keyboard guitar was another favorite and again, you could play along with the built in popular songs or make your own music.

{Buy It and Save!}

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift? I cannot say enough great things about any of the products listed above. They are all affordable on their own, but right now, if you use the code "blogpromo4" on the WowWee site, you can save an additional 10%. Spend $70 or more and you will also get free shipping!

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  1. Although I'm fairly appalled at the popularity of anything Justin Bieber, those are some pretty darn cool toys!

  2. My boys would have went bananas!

  3. To funny, Justin Bieber.. My boys would have loved them..

  4. What an array of wonderful toys...Justin Bieber or not, they look like so much fun.

  5. You can say wowwee again. Those are a lot of toys! I'd put my disdain for Justin Bieber aside and say those look pretty spiffy. :)

  6. Wowwee is right! Looks like they all had a blast!

  7. so wonderful, my granddaughter loves Lite Sprites

  8. I have finally finished my shopping for the kids. My daughter was so easy, but my son was a nightmare. He doesn't like playing with toys.

  9. Looks like they had a great time! And my son isn't too much into toys... it's Lego, books, and/or video games.



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