Last Minute Gift Ideas for Guys?

12:04 PM

I have the hardest time shopping for Matt. He will rarely ever let me know what he wants or even give me a clue, which leaves me debating gifts like a toilet bank or other gag type gifts that he surely deserves for not even giving me a clue. Right? Unfortunately, I am not that mean or snarky, so I am still on the hunt for that perfect gift.

I could just get him another tool, but he honestly has enough and we have electronics coming out our ears around here. I run across tungsten bands while searching online the other day however. While it is clear that I will never get married again, I thought about the possibility of having a simple band engraved for him with either the kid's names or a heartfelt message. This would be a great meaningful gift that he would hopefully love.

When searching for Men's Tungsten Online, I also discovered that no only is it an affordable option, much cheaper than gold at this time, but it is also really durable. He works as a maintenance man, so anything he wears from clothes to jewelry has to be durable. I wouldn't have to worry about the tungsten band tarnishing, bending or breaking while he is away at work and they are simple, so he would probably wear it unlike some of the fancier bands available in other stores.

While I am still undecided as to what in the world I will put under the tree for him this year, I thought this would be a meaningful gift idea for any man this Christmas. has a wide range of affordable bands available if you are interested in considering them as a possible gift for the man in your life.

What are you getting your husband or boyfriend for Christmas this year?

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