Being Prepared for the Unexpected

11:00 PM

Living in Florida, we have had our fair share of hurricane warnings. Other states face tornado warnings, earthquakes, floods, the possibility for disaster is everywhere. It is easy to be unprepared when it strikes. It is simple to get in the habit of thinking everything is safe and cozy, but at any moment, your whole world could be flipped upside down. I for one am guilty of not having a secret stash of essentials ready and waiting if needed. I plan to change all that this coming year.

I have started looking into places to Buy Emergency Foods and other essentials that cannot be purchased at the local stores. Batteries, bottled water and flashlights are easy to come buy at the local Walmart, but things like food freeze dried and shelf stable for years to come is hard to find.

My dad used to bring home these MRE's and every once in a while we would break one open and chow down. I remember it was actually a treat and the food was pretty tasty for what it was. The free dried options available at places like looks pretty tasty as well and can be easily stored and accessed should an emergency arise. They also carry a wide range of emergency preparedness items and specialized packages just for families. One of my resolutions this new year is to prepare for the unexpected and make sure my family is taken care of regardless of what might happen.

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  1. Great site, I bookmarked it. Kind of expensive right after Christmas. We have extra water, batteries, etc but no extra first aid supplies and water cleansing packets. Thanks for the info and Ill head back over in a few months.

  2. I've been laughed at for keeping water on hand, even in winter, but we get it all here - tornadoes, tropical storms, blizzards, flooding rains, and even earthquakes. You never know when you'll be stranded at home.

  3. natural disasters freak me the eff out....the most we get here is high wind and a few tornado warnings....hope I never actually see a tornado!

  4. I just say I totally love your pirate graphic about the post. How themed appropriate!



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