The One Stop Christmas List Shop This Year

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Christmas is quickly approaching and I know my boys have littered the house with a dozen or so Christmas lists this year. If only there was one place where they could create interactive lists that Santa, friends and family members could instantly shop off of. Oh wait, there is such a magical place and it is called Santa's Hideout! Now kids can create their Christmas lists for Santa in one free, safe spot online.

{How Does It Work?}

Signing up for a free account at is simple as can be. Simply register for a free account with some basic information and two simple steps.

After your account is created, your children can begin building their lists and provide Santa with some basic ground rules! That's right, you get to set some guidelines for the big jolly guy. Children just need to drag their favorite toys to their list and then they can share it with friends, family members and Santa himself. Of course, you can always easily share your list on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr for a quick and simple way to share Christmas gifts with family members.

One of the best features of Santa's Hideout Christmas List program is that you will instantly receive an email whenever an item has been purchased off of your child's wishlist. Easily keep tabs on what has been bought and what Santa's elves still need to make, and avoid duplicates this holiday season.

Need to remember lists on the go? Take the mobile version of your childrens' Santa's Hideout lists with you to the store and never lose that paper list again. Family and friends can even send your child encouraging words from Santa as Christmas draws near. See an item on the list you really don't like? Moms and dads retain all rights over the lists and can make last minute changes or deletions as necessary.

Ready to get started and let your children make their free and simple Christmas list online today? Just stop by and register today!

You can also find Santa's Hideout on Twitter @SantasHideout, Facebook "Santa’s Hideout", Tumblr and Google+ "Santas Hideout."

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  1. This really is a great idea. This would have helped me sort through my twin's mostly unrealistic lists.

  2. It's cool that you can share the list with others.

  3. Pretty cool, nothing like that was around for my kids :-)

  4. My mom would have loved to have this kind of help for my kids. Great idea!

  5. I like how easy it is to share the list with other family members

  6. My daughter likes visiting Santa websites this time of year.

  7. It looks like such a great service, especially this time of year.

  8. Wow - there aren't too many cute ideas that are actually FREE.

  9. What a great service! This would make it so easy! Off to register!

  10. Awesome solution when you're tired of answering "What should I get the kids?"

  11. Awesome... Love that it uses pics for pre-readers



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