A Poem for All You Perfect Parents

8:39 AM

In light of some recent comments I have gotten on my blog about how if my children get my couch dirty or break a nick knack I must be a horrible parent with completely unruly children, I have decided to write a poem for all of you perfect parents out there. You know who you are! Those who think your poo doesn't stink and that you have the most perfect little angels who are likely cussing up a storm behind your back at school. I prefer to be perfectly imperfect and to know that my children are imperfect but happy and generally well behaved. I would be scared if they were robots like your kids.

To The Perfect Parents

You wake up three hours early to perfectly arrange your hair
You make pristine homemade lunches with the utmost of care
You press and iron until your fingers or sore
For the sweet little angels you say you adore.
You obsess over their appearance and send them to school
With instructions to listen to the teacher and obey the golden rule
You look at the other children and parents with disgust
Ironing and primping are always a must.
Who cares if they played with their kids a little too long
Sending them to school less than perfect is simply wrong
How can they let their children run and play?
There is no time for that, kids must appear perfect in public you say
Each day you chastise and judge with a sneer
You lie and say your children have never shed a tear
"My kids have never broken a thing"
:You must be a horrible parent" your judgment rings
I've got news for you perfect parents though
My children will grow up happy because you reap what you sow. 

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  1. "I prefer to be perfectly imperfect and to know that my children are imperfect but happy and generally well behaved."


  2. Great post, my kids all 'lived' in our home, they ran and played and had fun with all their toys. My girlfriend had the 'perfect' house with glass everything, when that kid came to my house he jumped on everything, sucked his thumb like he had to suck it so fast before his mom found out and literally ate me out of house and home. That kid who is now 27 is messed up LOL, I am still close with him but seriously let the kids live.:-)

  3. I have to chuckle, because my kids get my couch dirty and have broken a few things over the years. But, they are happy, too!

  4. Don't let "them" get to you! Women are sooo judgy! They may appear to have it all together and strive for perfection when behind close doors its a complete disaster! :)

  5. The funny thing is, it was a man who left the comments. but he claimed that him and his wife raised perfect well adjusted children. Children aren't supposed to be described as well adjusted, they are supposed to be described as happy!

  6. So awesome!! I get so mad at all the parenting judgments out there. you parent your way I parent mine. This was a perfect poem!

  7. Awesome! And you are completely right.

  8. Amen, time with them is everything, I know because I am a grandma of 3

  9. You have 4 boys, I couldn't even imagine. One is relatively easy. My son is odd (in a good way), I guess... he's not into sports, and is a huge bookworm. I know my friends were always commenting how he wasn't a messy child. It doesn't make me a better parent (or you better than me), just my situation is different. As the saying goes, don't judge until you've walked a mile in someone's shoes... Great poem,, btw! :)

  10. I just don't get how a parent could expect kids not to be kids.

  11. I had a friend who looked down her nose at everyone else's kids and her "perfect" child was then kicked off the football team with a MIP, and her other one "who would never drink" was wasted out of her mind every weekend at college.

  12. Bravo! Sounds like the stuck up parents at my son's school, lol.

  13. hehehe! what kid doesn't break something?

  14. Sounds like a comment I got from a man on my blog when I first started blogging. He was sooo weird and told me that my child crying in a resturaunt (he was only 2) was UNACCEPTABLE and that I was not a very good parent to allow that, despite the fact that in my post I said I took my son to the car.. Some people seriously are sooo weird! You are a great mommy!!!!

  15. I never could get up early to make myself beautiful. No way!

  16. Gosh, I don't know why some women feel the need to judge. I mean we're all mothers, why can't we support each other. It's the hardest and most rewarding thing we'll ever do.

    I've written about being imperfect before. I rather prefer it. Here's a post of mine about loving yourself for your imperfections...if you care to read it. http://www.writespell.com/2010/03/25/how-do-you-measure-up/


  17. I actually think Brie is pretty cool, lol, but there isn't any such thing as a perfect parent. We do what we can. Somewhere between love and discipline is a good balance, and no parent should judge another who really does their best.

  18. Love it! I know a few of "those parents". Augh.

  19. sounds like your commenter was the same grouchy lady that smeared at me in the store.

    You should of heard that argument. Lol.

    I just have one thing to say I LOVED your poem
    and KARMA IS Beotch

  20. Your poem is fantastic and so true! I'm definitely NOT a perfect parent and my kids are always getting something dirty! However, I do try and teach them to respect others and keep their stuff in nice condition. They don't always listen, but I know I have tried my best!

  21. Bravo! I soooo know how you feel

  22. I cant stand parents who act as if their child and their parenting is flawless. It is that type of parenting that bites them in the butt later.

  23. THIS WAS AWESOME!! And way to use Mrs. Vandekamp as the illustration LOL

  24. GREAT!
    I love that, this is snappy and so true!



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