A HEXBUG Nano Halloween Party

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What is better than a regular party for Halloween? A HEXBUG Nano Halloween Party! I was lucky enough to be chosen to host one and boy was it a blast. The boys have been in love with HEXBUG products since I brought some home from BlogHer with me. Since then, it has been at the top of their things to ask for for birthdays and Christmas. Heck, even I love these little critters. They are mesmerizing to watch and can be quite funny too.

{What is a HEXBUG?}
By leveraging our robotics expertise, we entered the toy industry in 2007 with the launch of the HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures product line. HEXBUG was designed to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. Our passion for robotics, as demonstrated by our VEX Robotics program, was the main catalyst fueling HEXBUG's inception. Hence, the brand was born! People are drawn to the HEXBUG brand for our products’ fascinating behavior, intelligent bug-like attributes and eye-catching packaging. Some of the products are so animated, they even fool cats, dogs and some humans into thinking they are alive!

{Our Party!} 

Our party was held last night on Halloween, it was full of food, fun and of course HEXBUGS. We received two regular glow in the dark habitat sets and one multi-level one. Each came with two HEXBUGS and then there were plenty more HEGBUGS in test tubes and special edition Zombie cases to share as well! The boys had the two habitat sets put together before I could even construct the slide on the multi-level set, so that tells you how easy these are to put together. The thing I love most about the sets is that they are completely interchangable and you can connect them any way you want, making tons of different courses from just a set or two.

Once the HEXBUGS got started, it was hard to keep kids away from them. Everyone who came by had to take a closer look, even the adults! We handed some of the HEXBUGS out to trick or treaters and they were a huge hit. The HEXBUG sets are so easy to use. The bugs turn on with a little switch on the bottom and already come loaded with batteries. The sets are easy to snap together and there aren't any little pieces to lose. You can mix and match sets to create new layouts every time you play and they can easily be taken apart for easy storage. The glow in the dark sets are awesome and are really neat to watch when the sun goes down.

{Buy It} 

You can buy these fun little critters online on the HEXBUG website or on Amazon. The HEXBUG Nanos start at only $5.99, making them great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season! You can also find them in stock at your local stores including Walmart, Target and Toys R' Us.

*I was chosen by Mom Select and Mommy Parties to host a HEXBUG Nano Halloween Party and received product in order to conduct my review. I was not compensated in any other way and all words and thoughts expressed here are my own.

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  1. We LOVE Hexbugs around here! My boys will be getting more for Christmas too...they just don't know it yet! I hadn't thought of putting bugs in the stockings though. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. what a fun way to party! I have never seen those before!

  3. Wow, you're gonna be the house they talked about at school today! Those little critters are so cute!

  4. That looks like a totally fun time, I spent half the evening at the local pub with my hubby and 26 year old son, those days were fun!!

  5. Looks super-fun! My kids aren't quite old enough for a toy like that but I think I'd enjoy it, LOL!

  6. These will have to make the stockings this year!

  7. so much fun, wish I had some of those for my grandsons

  8. I've never seen these. My boys would go bananas over these!!!

  9. My stepmom got the boys a couple bugs when they were here visiting last time thinking it'd be good for them to build on for Christmas and birthdays.



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