Fugly Friday - The Ugliest Things For Sale on Craigslist in Houston

6:55 AM

Welcome to the shag-mobile. It is only $1,500 firm!

I know it has been awhile since I did a Fugly Friday post. October was a super busy month and the funny kind of got away from me. I hope to start offering your weekly dose of fugly fun again now though, so today I thought we would stop by the Houston Craigslist. Let's see what Texas has to offer shall we?

The lovely piece of metal was advertised as "old, ugly and it works!" Like it is an added bonus that you could purchase it and it would actually work. Now, the chances are 50/50 that it may burn your house down while you sleep, but you have to gamble in life right?

When something is advertised as "comfortable" it is usually because it has been beaten into submission after years of abuse. Here is an example of a "comfortable" chair and it will only set you back $50.

Look everyone, it is a fashionable ET! ET didn't phone home, he phoned the mall and ordered stripper platforms and a wig! Only $15, so it may be worth the investment.

They took as many old instruments as they could, stuck them all on top of each other and spray painted them gold. It's art you know. Let's just throw a scroll in there for good measure too while we're at it.

I am not sure what this is, but it has the words vintage and asbestos in its title, so it must rock and totally be worth the $100 price tag.

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  1. Oh HILARIOUS. You should start a meme so others can join you. Big hint there, as I sooo want to see what ugly stuff Orlando posts. ;)

    I can't believe people are thinking their stuff is worth that much. $50 for that used and abused chair? SERIOUSLY? Do these people know what I could get at IKEA for $50 and it be brand new and up to date?

  2. the gold musical art is weirding me out a little

  3. That doll looks like a knock off Bratz doll.

  4. LOL, I'm nothing like my fellow Texans...I promise.

  5. what in the world is that in the last photo. that is crazy

  6. These are just awful, this series cracks me up LOL

  7. I wonder about people sometimes... :)

  8. I can't believe people try to sell this stuff! You can definitely go buy a NEW chair for $50



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