Pumpkin Carving At Its Best - Amazing Halloween Jack O Lanterns

6:39 AM

 Photo by Danya.

Every year for Halloween, I swear we are going to make an awesome pumpkin and every year our pumpkin turns out, well, less than awesome. More like "fine." The kids love decorating them though and we have a blast. A part of me still wishes I had the creativeness in my body that most of these people do in their little finger. Check out the amazing pumpkin carving skills below and prepare to be amazed.

Photo by Jurvetson.

Photo by mrpbps on Flickr.

Photo by Valentinapowers.

Photo by 416style.

Photo by Betsyweber.

Photo by carnagevisors.

Photo by wyscan.

Photo by DevaliaLin

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  1. Isn't that amazing!? I wish I had that kind of talent.

    About ten years ago, when I was still scuba diving, our dive club always did an underwater pumpkin carving contest. Hard enough just dealing with the pumpkin under water, much less carving like that!

  2. The Star Wars ones are amazing! I can barely do the regular old Jack-o-latern.

  3. so awesome - I'm sharing with everyone! :)

    I always have the same intention as you - "this year my pumpkin carvings are going to be stellar!"

    ...and they're always... okay. ;)

  4. We have a big party every year and a carving contest, I can't wait to post the pics, these are great!!

  5. WOW I love the first one but how amazing I have such a hard time craving a pumpkin in such detail.

  6. I am the suckiest pumpkin carver on the planet! Those are super cool. I had to show my boys the Star Wars ones-now of course they're expecting a Darth Vader one.


  7. Those are really neat! I took tips from Martha Stewart and I painted mine this year. :)

  8. Wow, underwater carving Curt? That is insane!

    lol Glad I am not alone Kristina.

    You better get started now Nicole. :)

    Hil'Lesha, that is a really great idea!

  9. Wow, those are seriously AMAZING! If only I had the patience, I would do that!

  10. Wow. My pumpkin "carving" skills are limited to a sharpie. Yep. A sharpie. Cuz I can't carve worth a hoot!

  11. I love watching them make something out of nothing, it's great

  12. I love the one with the flowers, those are really pretty!

  13. These are great! Gets me in the mood to decorate!

  14. I wish we could have real pumpkins at this house. Unfortunately the squirrels eat them. In fact, we witnessed a squirrel eating a neighbor's pumpkin as we were driving by on our way home from dinner yesterday.

  15. Those rock! I'm lucky if I get all the way through the pumpkin without breaking the little knives!

  16. I wish I had this kind of artistic ability.



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