What Is Your Greatest Childhood Memory?

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Disney Magic Kingdom at Night

I got to thinking this morning about childhood and how very precious it is. You are little and truly innocent for such a short period of time, this is especially true for the children growing up in the world today. During this time, you have a unique view of the world. Everything seems larger than life, bigger, grander and just a whole lot more fun. I try to plan activities with the kids all the time, things that will create memories during their childhood they can hold with them their entire lives. I think this is better than buying them a bunch of overpriced toys they won't remember when they grow up. So what is your greatest childhood memory? That one magical event that stood out above all the rest in your mind overtime.

Mine, no surprise, was at Disney World. Unlike my children, my mom didn't take me there every year. I visited a few times as a child though, but only one that I can really remember. Those who visited Disney World at just the right age growing up will forever be addicts. It truly is a magical place when you visit it during this time in your childhood and that feeling of magic is not lost once you get older and have children of your own.

I can remember running from land to land in the Magic Kingdom with my mom and strolling down Main Street USA with her hand in hand. As you walk under the train tunnel and come around the hub there on Main Street just past Tony's, that first glimpse of the castle is the most magical. It truly is breathtaking and to this day, I still tear up. As a child, this was the most glorious place to me and these are the same feelings I see reflected on my own children's faces every time we visit.

The night ended with the electrical parade, I can still remember that the turtle float was my favorite. This was a long time ago and the electrical parade was about to go overseas and wouldn't be returning for quite some time. My mom, who usually did not like to stay late stayed until the park closed, we strolled through shops and then lingered outside the Magic Kingdom. The hazy glow of the lights as I glanced back with tired child eyes made it seem even more magical in my already pixie dust laden mind and from that moment on, Disney World has held a special place in my heart.

This was by far, my greatest childhood memory. What was yours?

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  1. I do have a fond Disney World memory but it's from my adulthood (where we got engaged!). For childhood.. hmm...I'm going to have to say going camping with my parents. It was fun then ..more fun than now for some reason. I remember my dad teaching me how to bait my hook and fish... roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Good times!

  2. Gosh, it's hard to pick just one! I look back fondly on so many moments spent with my family, just hanging out or doing crafts. Those moments are definitely so much more important than anything that can be bought.

  3. I have several that are tied. Sunday breakfasts with Grandpa were always great. So was fishing with him (although I didn't so much appreciate the getting up early then). I also have great memories of summers spent at my aunt's house in the summers.

  4. Great memories you all, thanks for sharing!



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