My Favorite Must Use Apps for the 4G Android

5:30 PM

Guest Post By: Maggie Durango

As we know, life with kids is hectic. However, I feel like I can provide for my children and take care of myself better when using these apps on the 4G Android Phone Samsung Exhibit without a shadow of a doubt.

1. MobileLife Family Organizer 

My kids are at the age right now where their food tastes vary. They each want at least some of the same foods on a different day! Sometimes, it is almost impossible to design a no-tear nutritious, but cost-effective, menu to please. The MobileLife Family Organizer app on my Exhibit let’s my energetic little ones take part in making the grocery list. They plan their own meals without making a mess in the kitchen. I can make any changes/additions to the list without any setbacks. Then when I go to take one or all of them to the store, my children love finding all the items on the list. The calendar feature is another great part of the app, which lets the caregivers I rely on-- from time to time--to know my whereabouts.

2. Blockbuster Time

The Blockbuster Time app lets me skip the stop to the video store or area library. Just for activating the app, you are instantly able to upload a free movie to keep the kids engaged, occupied and happy. Since new releases are available the same day, when my children view a commercial for a must-see movie, I can make sure they get to see it almost immediately.

3. Zinio 

The Zinio app is the one app I can honestly say I use for my kids as much as myself. Whether I pick full-color complete subscriptions or single issues for my oldest boy to use for school reports, this app saves from cleaning up piles of useless paper. What’s even more exciting is that I can sync the full magazine pages or text-read only print to my other computer devices. If there are issues or articles I don’t want my children exposed to, it’s easy to monitor their reading time.

4. Drive Smart 

This is the one app I don’t want my son or any other man, for that matter, to know I use constantly. To be able to focus on my kids and look like I can get anywhere is a huge plus. It's great finding appointments, sports games, and places to purchase those must-have products. When incoming calls come in, I don’t have to answer them--they go straight to voicemail. Love it!

5. More for Me 

The one app that is solely for me only is the More for Me, which directly delivers discounts and deals to me. Each day, I even have the chance to win a 15,000 dollar shopping spree. Saving money in one area of my life allows my children to always feel full and happy and that makes my life so much easier.

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  1. Awesome Apps...that I never heard of before. I will be checking them out for my Android!! Thanks for sharing. Some of my fav apps are these eBay, hootsuite to keep up on my Twitter account, saving star and color note so I can keep up with my busy to do list. :)

  2. I lover Hootsuite too. I use it to keep up with everything and also for linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I stay far away from Ebay or I would be broke lol.



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