Fugly Friday - The Ugliest Thing on Craigslist in Los Angeles

8:20 AM

Do I need to explain why this made the list?

Los Angeles can be full of glitz and glam, but unfortunately, a quick glance around Craigslist proves they are not immune to fugliness either. This week's Fugly Friday features the ugliest items on the Los Angeles Craiglist site. If you need a broken phone or a cow chair, then sprint on over and make your purchase today!

Hey, That 70's Show called and they want their sofa back. Seriously though, I am pretty sure my parents had something like this in their home when I was little. For a small price, this too can be yours compliments of the Los Angeles Craigslist.

Wow, what a way to make a living. Just yank some mirrors off of cars in the parking lot. Am I the only one who things this mirror met an untimely death?

Okay, so rustic watering cans aren't all that ugly. This was too hilarious not to share though. The poster of this ad claims this is an "authentic" watering can though and you can own it for only $75. Never mind that you can go to your local store and pick up a rustic looking can for maybe $20. Am I clueless and these are secretly really collectible and valuable?

Don't worry. This phone has been dropped and smashed into the ground, but it still turns on, so it is clearly worth $75 or more right? No picture because the screen doesn't work, but the light comes on so just hand over the cash and it's yours.

And now we know what happened to the Chick Fil A Cow. Rest in peace little cow, you are now cradling some big guys rump.

The good news for you? You can buy it piece by piece or take the whole thing and get a steal. Speaking of stealing....

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  1. I love your craigslist posts! I think I want to buy the phone. My daughter broke her phone the other day and this one looks likes it's in better shape than hers...lol You said the light works right? It's more than her current phone is capable of. I'll be sure to tell her not to hold it against her face so the glass shards don't cut her.

  2. Go for it! lol Seems like a pretty good deal really. I mean, at least part of it still works.

  3. Well, I really like that cow chair...

  4. Your comment about the cow chair made me laugh. Guess we know what Chick Fil A does with the cows when they get too old to work commercials now.



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