Oops Did My Kid Just Say That?

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So I was sitting around the other day thinking about some of the hilarious things that have come out of my youngest sons' mouth and I thought surely, I am not the only person who has had my kid say these embarrassing things in public. I started asking some of my friends about things their children may have said that made them blush in public and we came up with quite a list of oops moments. Check them out below and then leave yours in the comment section!


When Jase was younger, around four, he used to here the "What's new pussycat" song on Looney Tunes. Well, one day at the grocery store, he just started singing "pussy, pussy, pussy" around the whole store. The looks I got were enough to mortify me forever!

The other day at the hospital, they had Jase leave a urine sample. As we were walking out the door of the bathroom, Jase looks at me and says "I am not going to drink that." Everyone within earshot started cracking up.

Cheryl says...

"Lately, Jillian was sitting in a grocery cart and grabbed my boobs and said "I GOT YOUR BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!" extra loud, you know so everyone could hear her."

"Me: “Lauren, get your finger out of your butt” Lauren: “this isn’t a finger. IT’s a THUMB” Me: “Well, whatever it is, get it out of your butt” Seriously? I never would have EVER guessed I would say something like that once having children."

Rhea says...

"The other day in Rite Aid Anthony said (really loudly), "Ha! Mom! Look, that boy is dressed up like a girl! Why is he dressed like a girl?" I wanted to crawl under a rock...although he was a very badly dressed cross dresser."

Amanda says...

"Zach couldn't say "tr" so he used to yell, "Look! A Fire Fuck!" every time he saw a fire truck when he was 2ish."

"Zach also called a Drill Sgt a cowboy soldier because of his hat."

Has your child said something hilarious or embarrassing in public? Share it below so we can all laugh along.

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  1. These are so funny. Kids are hilarious.

  2. My daughter (age: 3) once yelled "MOMMY! you farted" in the bathroom at the movie theaters when it was FULL. *mortified*

  3. Whenever my kids wanted candy or cookies in the store they would yell "Mom farted!"

    When they got older, they started grabbing my love handle and twisting it until they got what they wanted. It hurt so damn bad I was paralyzed.

  4. Oh my goodness we would have to have a talk if my kids ever did that. It is funny what little kids learn to do and say. :)

  5. Well I have that tops all of you...My sweet husband was in the store, and took our littlest boys (he's 4) into the mens room...I heard and so did a lot of other shoppers...
    "Pappa you have a big pee pee!!!"
    Well I felt like I wanted to start laughing until my oldest said Mommy Why does Justin have to be so loud...Well I was outed as the mommy of the peepee boy!!

  6. I may have you all beat, When my oldest son (who you know well Kathleen :)) was about 21/2 yrs old and he was in the grociery cart at the commisary he proceeds to tell me in a not so quiet voice that " Mommy my pee pee is getting big." Least to say every one looks at us and starts to crack up, I just patted his arm and told him it would be ok and it would get little again soon. Yep you guessed it a couple isles later he announces in grand gesture " Hey mommy, it's ok, my pee pee is getting little again." And again, the round of laughter, I felt like I should take a bow or something....LOL

  7. oh man, these are too funny! When we were potty training my oldest we went to dinner at a restaurant. My husband needed to use the washroom so he stood up and started walking away. Well, of course we hear "Daddy, where are you going?" and he responds "to the washroom" and is still walking. Well, he gets out to the middle of the restaurant and she screams at him "Daddy! Are you going to go poop or pee?" The whole place erupted in laughs. It was kinda cute for me...but my husband was a little embarassed!

  8. Oh geez. My son is epic at saying hilarious things!

    -As we are walking into WalMart to get weed killer my 3 year old son yells "Mom! Are we going to get that killer weed now??"

    -Cameron: Mom, my finger stinks! Me: Why?1? Cameron: Because I was scratching my butt!

    -My son has a theory: Mom, you know why I fall off my bed sometimes? Well, The Grinch lives in my room and he pulls me off! He tries to pick me back up but he's just not strong enough. And then I say "Whaaaat? There's a Grinch in my room??".

    The list goes on and on and on. I wish I'd been keeping a notebook of all the hilarious things he's said since he started talking. My friends think he is the funniest guy ever.

  9. My older son had the same problem with the word "truck." My girlfriend's daughter had a similar problem with the word "clock." Unfortunately, I had a clock in my son's construction-themed room that had a truck on one of the hands. We listened to many a conversation about the "fuck cock."

    Same friend's daughter is 10 months older than my son. She was potty trained first. I had a potty chair in his closet (still in the box) for when we started training him. It was awfully quiet in his room, so we went to check on them. They were in his closet, completely naked, with the potty chair out of the box. He said, very exasperated, "Her penis is all wrong. This isn't working."

  10. lol Those are all great. Thanks so much for sharing ladies!

  11. My little brother years ago had two speech problems, the first was the letter F which he said as we do P the other was the combination SH for which he omitted the H completely and opted for just S. The two overlapped only once, at McDonald's where he loudly and excitedly and at an alarming volume, much to my Mom's horror, wanted a FiSH sandwich (read PiSS)! Mom didn't help the situation when she clamped her hand over his mouth and half carried, half walked him out the door, her face a beaming red!! I was of course laughing so hard I couldn't move!!

  12. I just "Stumbled" on here so Im a little late commenting. When my brother was little he could NOT say Snickers. We were in line at the grocery store and he kept yelling, "Ni-her! Ni-her!" Which sounded an awful lot like a terrible racial slur. My mom kept yelling, "No its SNICKERS! SNICKERS! SNICKERS!" She bought it, but we never went back to that store again. Can you say MORTIFYING?!?!

  13. I'm laughing so hard my uterus hurts :D

  14. When my oldest was just about 3 or 4 we were shopping at our local grocery store, standing in line to check out. The store had character balloons at the checkouts for purchase. One of the balloons had a set of horns, and I guess they lined up with my head from my son's point of view. He said quite loudly "Mama!! You're horny!" to my horror! Everyone within hearing distance turned and looked at me and laughed/stared. It was horrific!

  15. My son likes to order in the drive thru from our back seat because it makes him feel important. On a recent trip to Sonic the lady on the intercom kept calling him MA'AM. This did not set well with him as he is a 13 year old "Big Boy". At 5'6" and 280 lbs he is still agravated that his voice is not deeper. He decided it was time to get even with all the kidding about sounding girly. He is a multi-talented individual that can throw his voice at the drop of a hat. As I pulled up to the window he warned me that he was gonna do something but he did not tell me exactly what.. The following is the conversation that transpired...

    Girl: Would you like ketchup, salt and mints
    Son: (In High pitched, Girly, Spongebobesque voice) Why Yes I would..Tehehehehehehehehehee

    I heard a cackle come from the back seat as he rolled up the window..

    Son: Mom look she is telling everyone. I think I scared her.
    Man: Here is your food sir
    Son: (In deeper manly tone) Thanks man appreciate it.

    Again I hear the cackle from his seat.. He had flustered the little girl so much she could not even look at him again. He says that even the guy looked at him funny when he did not squeak his voice.. He also says he wants to hit every drive thru in town and do the same thing. He loves to get people looking. What a ham.. lol

  16. My friend's 8 year old daughter says that old people can't be mean because they don't have time to be mean

  17. I wish I'd written down all the funny things my son has said. They do indeed say the darndest things. :)



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