My Plea to All the Recent Psychos!

8:54 AM

I'm sorry, but I am at my wits end. Let me start by saying that I avoid the news like the plague. Naive? Possibly, but I would rather float by in ignorant bliss than pollute my life with constant real-life horror stories. Why does the news refuse to report anything positive? Okay, I realize they do every once in a while, but the bad to good ratio is about 90% to 10% nowadays on the TV.

Unfortunately, while logging into my AOL email, I daily catch a glimpse of some news story about a new psycho who couldn't handle their kids so they just off them. For God sakes people, I know what behavior issues in children can be like, but for the love of all that is holy, just give the kids away if you can't handle them anymore. I cannot for the life of me figure out what could possibly compel a parent to look into their child's face and kill them. The thought is not fathomable to me and believe me, before Joshua began medicine last year, I had been almost out of my mind with what we could do to get his behavior under control. Not once did it ever occur to me to just kill him though, so what is up with these monsters?

Julie Powers Schenecker was a military officer's wife in Florida who couldn't handle her mouthy children, so she shot her son in the head on the way to soccer practice and then drove home and shot her daughter in the head as well. What the hell?

Do I really need to say the name Casey Anthony people? She may have been judged as innocent, but we all know that she is anything but. Who in the world has their daughter accidentally die, then wraps them in duct tape and throws them away like garbage, lies to the police and parties their butts off? Again, Psycho!

Then yesterday I read a story about Naiyana Patel, a woman from Asheville who killed her two young daughters with a hatchet and then claimed that she didn't do it, it was a ghost. WTF?

I understand sleep deprivation, I understand unruly children, I understand that you might be mentally unstable. However, I also thoroughly believe that everyone, even those on the lowest end of the IQ spectrum understand right and wrong. You know it is wrong to kill your child. I don't care how messed up you are. So my plea to all you recent psychos and the ones that are sure to come is this. If you cannot handle your children, if you feel like you are at your wits end, if you are hallucinating or if you just want to party and wish you had never had children, please just give them away. Drive them to a police station, fire station, hospital, anywhere and just leave them. No one needs to die!

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  1. I can't even begin to guess what goes through these people's heads. Did you hear about the guy yesterday that threw his 7 year old son over the side of a boat in front of people?

  2. Ugh. No, but nothing surprises me anymore. I know times are hard and everything, but I just don't see how this is even a viable option. Why would you choose harming or killing them over just sending them away to a safe place?

  3. Yep it's crazy and sickening. I turned on the news real quick yesterday and some mom through her days old baby away at some grocery store. I odn't freakin' understand.

  4. Like you I choose to NOT hear the new because of this exact thing. As a mother of 4, having my first as a 15yr old, I completely understand the frustration that comes along with kids. I, however, will NEVER understand the reasoning behind the thinking of these parents.

  5. I just get sick when I hear these stories! These people are nothing more than self centered pyscho's unable to love or care for anything but themselves. As a mom of 2 young kids I know how frustrating they can get at times but never to the point where I could ever imagine hurting them. When I think of Pyscho parents I also think of Susan Smith who drowned her two little precious boys so that she could be free and be with her boyfriend. Just a shame.

  6. Oh yeah. The military wife one. They provided services here at the school the kids attended because they had been in our community recently before that incident happened so people knew them here. I also know people who had met them a few years prior, and said she was "off" before. I don't think anybody thought she'd go to such an extreme though.

  7. I agree with you. I can not fathom the minds of these people who resort to this kind of actions. Its terribly sad.

  8. AMEN!!



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