Marketing Fail! - 5 of The Most Sexist Commercials

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Some companies really know how to market to almost any audience, but some are a bit lacking in the idea department. In fact, some companies are down right insulting to women in their ads. Now granted, most of the truly sexist ads are older and from a time when women were apparently incapable of doing anything but wiping mens' butts and mindlessly keeping house. Over the years, most companies have grown to respect women for the smart, hard working consumers that they are. Take a look at the most sexist commercials I could dig up below.
1. Sexist Goodyear Polyglass Ad

Apparently Goodyear was under the impression several years back that women were incapable of driving themselves safely around town and that it was up to the men to make all the decisions.

2. Sexist Pepsi Commercial

If they said slim and attractive one more time in this commercial I was going to ban Pepsi from my house forever. Also, referring to Pepsi as a healthy snack? Honestly people?

3. Johnson Automotive Ad

I think this commercial was trying to show how you wouldn't be treated at their establishment, but I doubt many women watching the sexist thing long enough to get to that conclusion. It is really bad, unless you like being insulted by ugly stuffed badgers.

4. Bud Light Sexist Ad

According to Bud Light, apparently women are supposed to do absolutely everything for their man and themselves, including buying them a case of Bud Light in order to keep them and stay married.

5. Nissan Sexist Ad

This is one pretty sexist ad, but let me just say that that woman has one talented rack.

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  1. The were she mows the grass in a dress is a crack up.

  2. Remember the one with Paris Hilton and they were trying to sell a cheese burger? Alot of those beer commercials are real bad. It males me sick because it is putting a message out her to little girls.and some of these music videos and lyrics.

  3. Thank goodness these are all OLD commercials. It's nice to know that weve come a little bit farther than that. I know the Bud Light ones aren't that old, but they are tongue and cheek.
    You're right about that girl's talented rack! TeeHee!!
    Thanks for sharing these.
    The Shewbridge of Central Florida



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