Look What My Feet Will Be Wearing to #BlogHer11

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I know you are excited, it isn't everyday that you get to see my feet. To be honest, I would be too embarrassed to show them to you if it were not for my amazing sponsor, Aetrex. Aetrex is a comfort footwear company that quite frankly produces the most comfortable shoes I have ever had the pleasure of slipping on. Now, you all know how much I love my Crocs Tone shoes, but these are even more comfortable!

{About Aetrex}
"The Aetrex mission is to create the healthiest shoes on the market today. All styles are crafted with care to meet the highest standards in design, incorporate cutting edge material technologies, and offer unmatched customization and adjustability. The net result is an extraordinary line of footwear designed to help you feel great on your feet and promote a healthy and active lifestyle."
{Check These Babies Out}

Okay, so on with what you really came here for, a look at what my feet will be wearing at BlogHer! During the day and some of the evening events, I will be sporting the very cute and comfy Sabrina Sandalistas from the Cork Comfort Collection. These have a layer of memory foam on the top for plenty of cushioning and built in Lynco support, as well as a "Met Bar Pod" to reduce stress on the ball of your foot. How cool is that? The top cover has a soft cushion too, so that it doesn't bite into the sides of my feet either.

For the evening events, you can catch me in the chic Sofia heels from the Heeled Sandals and Loafers Essence Collection. If you were to look in my closet, you would find no heels. Not only do I generally find them uncomfortable, but I also find most heels to be too high, and then I end up looking like an Amazon woman. The heel on these  is only 2 1/2 inches though, so just right for me. The footbed is covered in Lamb suede for super soft comfort and there is a memory foam cushioned heel seat as well.

Here they are with an outfit. Pardon my lack of a head.

 {Want a Chance to Review a Pair of Your Own?}

Like what you see? Check out the full line of Aetrex shoes, that also include boots, clogs, loafers, workout shoes and even a footwear line for men. If you are going to BlogHer, just track me down or tweet me @KBunn and I will be happy to meet up with you and discuss how you can work with Aetrex on a product review of your own. Trust me, your feet will thank you! I will be accepting business cards of anyone who may be interested in working with this fabulous company.

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  1. Man! I'm totally shoe jealous1 i think if I were to go buy another pair of shoes, Adam might divorce me. Especially since they're sandals!

  2. Those are really cute. I always have a hard time finding comfy sandals like that and also live in my crocs. I'll be with you all weekend and I can't wait to see how comfy they are after you are on your feet all day!

  3. I too live in Crocs all summer because it's so hard to find affordable shoes that are comfy. My flip flops are just so easy to slip on and go with the boys. But memory foam on shoes? That sounds like it feels so nice on the feet.

  4. I love shoes and that looks like a comfy heel. I wish you could do a giveaway. Cant wait to see you.

  5. They look comfy. I was just ordered by my podiatrist to buy a couple of pairs of Dansko sandals. He banned me from flip flops :(

    Looking forward to meeting you at the Star Olive Oil dinner tomorrow night. Welcome to San Diego!

  6. They look comfy plus stylish, super cute. Have a wonderful time!



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