Killing Edward and Talking About "The Twitter" - 10 Things That Made me Laugh at BlogHer

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I made a lot of connections and even soaked up a little knowledge from BlogHer in San Diego over the weekend, but above all else, I had a ton of fun! I mean, wet-my-pants I laughed so hard fun. It was a great experience and I can't wait to do it all over again next year. A special thanks goes out to my incredible sponsor Aetrex, who kept my feet comfortable and made this outstanding trip possible. Here is my top 10 list of hilarious experiences from BlogHer, some of which you may or may not have experienced as well.

1. Vampires can indeed be killed. Just ask Edward who crashed and burned to the ground after one hug from me. Dang, I knew I was good, but not that good.

2. Random men in elevators who use the phrase "The Twitter" look at you like you're drunk or insane when you interject your own thoughts about how they should be on "The Twitter." Sorry boys, I was 100% sober and have verification that I am not insane, so deal with it.

3. Every pedicab driver in San Diego will proposition you, ask you to blow in their ear, or inquire as to whether they can come back to your room with you. Word of advice ladies. "Just say no!" As if I had to tell you that.

4. Photo booths can be found everywhere and evidently bring out my inner child. Yes, I know I look utterly ridiculous, but that is kind of the point isn't it?

5. No matter how silly you think the Jimmy Dean Sun, Swiffer Dust Man, or the Pringles Blow Up Guy is, you will stand in a line to take pictures with them. There is some type of uncontrollable pull, much like gravity that makes you do it and then giggle uncontrollably.

6. Eating cheeseburgers and fries on a bed feels just a little bit naughty and is a whole lot of fun when done with good friends. I may or may not have made dirty bits out of bead necklaces on our bed, that my friend Rhea said looked more like a face.

7. Dancing with ladies you have just met or haven't seen in months is hilariously fun, even if you resemble someone who is having a seizure while you're doing it.

8. Talking about fava beans is far more fun than eating them, especially when your friend does a killer impression of Hannibal Lecter while unknowingly being taped on a Flip cam!

9. You will run to get to a swag suite if you think supplies are getting low (It will happen, you can't control yourself) and then you will laugh at the women who sneak back to grab an inappropriate amount of something while you nicely wait in line for your one.

10. Channeling your inner child and bouncing on the bed until your roommate falls off while trying to put her pants on after returning from a party late at night, is far funnier than it should be. Seriously people, hil-ar-ious! Sorry Rebecca.

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  1. OMG!! LMAO! I have pictures of your "dirty bits" art and people can decide for themselves.

    Perhaps I'll post it on The Twitter?

  2. Why not, I am sure by now no one is surprised by my craziness. :) I still say, imagine the damage I could do if I actually drank.

  3. It sounds like a ton of fun!! I hope all you ladies come to NY next year so I can meet you.

  4. LMAO... I can't wait to experience this for myself next year!!

  5. Oh boy! Sounds like one big crazy slumber party! It almost makes me want to go!

  6. Dang thats a lot of fun whilst sober! I would have been laughing so hard I would have peed because I wouldn't have been sober haha!

  7. Sounds like you had a blast, Sure hope I get there one day !

  8. I would have killed for a burger and fries. It was tough to get filled up on appetizers, I have to say! Especially since I have a very picky palate.

    So great to meet you!!!!

  9. Now I'm really jealous that I wasn't at BlogHer. You make it sound so fun! I'm glad you had a great time :)

  10. Thanks ladies! I think it is all what you make it. I went into it wanting it to be a blast and determined to have as much fun as possible. How often do we as moms get to go out and enjoy ourselves?

    It was amazing to meet some of you and I really hope I get to meet the rest of you next year in New York!

  11. I'm so sad I wasn't there with you guys! But I am glad you had so much fun and I didn't even hear about it on the news ;)



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