How Would You Like to Sleep Here?

7:31 AM

I am planning on redecorating my oldest boys' room and I was looking for beds that were slightly out of the ordinary. While searching online, I started to come across some of the most amazing beds I think I have ever seen. While most of these would not work for their room, they sure are fun to look at so I thought I would share. How would you like to sleep in one of these?

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  1. Wow! Some of those are a little ah- extreme! lol.
    Have fun redecorating! :)
    Musings From a SAHM

  2. Haha I kinda like the sandwich one!

  3. The sandwich one was cute and yes, some of them are crazy. I was really looking for some sort of skateboard bunk bed idea, but ran across these and couldn't help sharing.

  4. Crazy beds! They probably cost a fortune too. I like the sandwich bed.

  5. My older son would LOVE the Millennium Falcon bed!

  6. I love that hammock/net one! FUN! Otherwise...who comes up with this stuff?

  7. OK, they are a bit odd... I would love to have the one that looks like a hammock, I bet it is really comfy!
    My youngest son, Alex would DIE for that Star Wars Millenium Falcon bed.
    Have fun with your redecorating. =)
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida

  8. My boys would flip for the Millennium Falcon bed!



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