How to Make a No Sew Custom Pennant Birthday Banner

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My son Jayden turned 8 today and his birthday party is this weekend. He has decided he wants a pirate birthday party and I have spent weeks scouring the web for unique ideas for decorations, food, games and goody bags. I have found some really amazing stuff and some great inspiration for his party. One thing I found were these awesome pennant birthday banners that I kept seeing on different sites, but no instructions on how to do it. Below you will find a tutorial using the no sew method that I used to create a custom birthday banner.

1. Select your fabric. The colors for our party are black, red, and white. I choose a black polka dot material and a red gingham material for the pennants and a red tie dyed and plain black material for the letters. The idea is to alternate the colored pennants and then place the opposite color letter on the fabric. This can work in any color combination though.

 2. Make a template for your pennants out of notebook paper, cardboard, card stock, etc. Don't worry about it being absolutely perfect, you just need a guide. Make them as big or as small as you want.

3. Trace around the template on a piece of material.

4. Cut out the pennant and repeat until you have the desired number of pennants cut out in each color. I needed enough to spell out "Happy Birthday" so I made 13 pennants.

 5. Draw or trace out the letters you will need on the coordinating fabric. Be careful to keep in mind what color you will need for each letter. It can get a little confusing when the letters need to be the opposite color of the pennant.

6. Attach the letters to the pennants. I used a hot glue gun, but you can use fabric glue if you like.

7. Turn the pennants face down and attach a length of string or twine along the top of the pennant with tape. Again, you can use glue, but I chose to use tape for this and it worked well. Remember to space the pennants evenly and leave a space between words. I forgot this and had to go back and add a space between Happy and Birthday lol.

That's it! It is really pretty simple, just a bit time consuming. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and be sure to check back this weekend, for more great ideas as I post photos about the rest of the party!

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  1. These are adorable! I was wondering how people made them. I'm gonna have to try it! Thanks!

  2. So freakin cute and very creative. I'm so glad I have blogs like this to help me and my not so creative self. Thanks!

  3. lol Megan. Don't worry, I am usually the not so creative one.



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