Fugly Friday - The Ugliest Things on Craigslist in Dallas

9:33 AM

Last Friday we explored the ugliest things for sale on the Tallahassee Craigslist site. In continuing with my new weekly segment, I thought we would take a look at the ugliest things that the Dallas Craigslist had to offer.I warn you, you are in for a few good laughs today folks.

This is apparently quite a steal. The original price of this "muddin truck" (<-their words not mine) was $1,500, but because they are so gracious, they will let you take home this piece of scrap metal for only $900. Don't you all run at once now.
I apologize for the small picture, but this was the one from the ad. This ad literally made me lmao. The title of it was "Someone please get this ugly thing out of my house!" I kid you not people. Not once does the person clearly say what it is, but they do refer to it as a bat at one point. The tell you it is ugly and that it originally cost $79.99, but they are only asking $60 obo for you to remove this ugliness for them.

What is it about the word vintage. Hey, I have this old, ugly, beat up desk, I will just call it vintage and then sell it for $50. The seller says "I'll take $50 for it." Like they are doing you a favor!

 Maybe my art tastes just aren't refined enough and these are actually beautiful, but to me, these vases are as ugly as the come. Can you imagine someone bringing you flowers? What do you say? "Oh yeah, just shove them in that guy's butt over there."

Ad says the door is broke. If you live in a cold climate though, this is perfect for you. Just leave it like it is and it works as a heater while cooking your food too! Of course, it probably costs more to get a new door installed as it would to buy a new one, but hey, the seller will make $50.

Okay, so oil is pretty much always ugly. I don't find it funny that someone is selling old oil on Craigslist, but I do find it hilarious that they are selling it under "collectibles." Am I just clueless and there really are guys running around collecting cans of oil?

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  1. LOL I want that couch haha! The truck could actually be fun for mudding but not for that price!

  2. They need to be putting these things on the curb - not Craigslist.

  3. lol I agree ladies. It is really fun to look at everything that is on there. On the other hand, I bought a really nice couch today for $30 at a local store, so cheap doesn't always equal ugly.

  4. I love buying ugly things and making them pretty. These crack me up.

  5. I could see that desk being something awesome...but not for $50. it needs about $150 worth of work!

  6. Do people actually buy this stuff?

  7. I watch American Pickers and they actually collect old oil, lol.

  8. Well there ya go Sam. I guess we know who buys it. Who knew? Maybe they will see this and big themselves up a case. :)

  9. I think my grandma had a couch like that green one.

  10. Oh, come oh Kathleen don't you want those vases?
    I particularly like the lady one with the boobies. =)




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