5 Curly Hairstyle Tutorials for Short Hair

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My hair is not straight and not curly. It is this weird frizzy slightly kinky type of consistency sort of like the Bride of Frankenstein. So, it is either straighten it or curl it. Unfortunately, I don't curl it very often because for one, it take a while and for two, I never know what to do with it after it is curled. With BlogHer only a few short days away, I am considering curling my hair for at least one of the days, so I dug up some great curly hairstyle tutorials for short hair. Check them out!

Short Hair Curly Side Updo

This is a really cute hairstyle, the girl who does the tutorial is adorable and in less than 12 minutes they have a beautiful finished look! This is definitely a front runner for me.

Curling Short Hair with a Flat Iron

I was actually really happy to find this tutorial and in all honesty, since I am trying to fit everything into one carry on bag, this is probably the one I will use for BlogHer. A great way to multipurpose one tool.

Short Hair Curly Simple Updo

This is a simpler updo with curls that are not so tight. Yes, I know it says prom, but BlogHer is kind of like prom right? Anyway, it is an adorable simple look that could work for anytime of year.

Short Curly Updo with Braid Accent

I love this tutorial. Unfortunately, I am not so confident in my ability to try that braid right now. Hopefully one day when I have extra time I can give it a try, but it is out for BlogHer. I still really wanted to share it with you all though.

Classic Curly Updo

This tutorial is for a more classic type of wavy updo. I really like how simple and elegant it looks. Not sure I could get my hair to stay up like that because it is layered and really thick though.

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  1. These are so cool! I didn't even know you could curl hair with a flat iron - genius idea!

  2. I always need more short curly ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks great! I have never tried curling with my flat iron.



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