4 Things Women Do That Piss Me Off

12:35 PM

I like women, hell I am one. However, there are a few things that some women do that absolutely piss me off beyond belief. As I visited the bathroom last night at Target, I ran into one and this post was born. What about you? Have you run into any of these things? Do you do some of them? Let me say that this post is written in a lighthearted manner and is not meant to harm anyone or hurt any feelings.

1. Hover Over the Toilet

Listen ladies, your butt is not going to catch a cold. Unless the toilet is covered in feces, please just have a seat. If you must, there are usually seat covers in every public restroom or you can make one yourself out of toilet paper. For the love of all that is good and right in the world though, please have a seat and stop spraying the toilet with pee for the next unsuspecting victim that comes along!

2. Dress Inappropriately

Come on ladies, admit it, you have all seen this too. I am a big woman and not a stick, but I buy clothes in the right size. Personally I don't need to see anyone's unmentionables hanging out and if you are an older woman, please dress your age or at least within 10 years of it.

3. Form Cliques

Have you ever been anywhere where a large group of women were congregated and watched what happened? Women are notorious for forming cliques. Whether it is at school, work or even in the blogosphere *cough*. Cliques are good for nothing except segregating and excluding others. Open up those doors and you just might meet some amazing ladies you otherwise would have shunned.

4. Bully Other Women

Unfortunately, this undesirable quality is all to commonly seen in the blogosphere as well. Women bully other women each and every day and it is disgusting. What is the purpose? What do you gain? Does it make you feel better about yourself, or does it perhaps take the focus off your own imperfections? There is so much more to gain through kindness and helpfulness than there is from bullying another women.

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  1. women embarass me sometimes - we can be so horrible to each other!

  2. Exactly Heather and I have no idea why. I understand that everyone has different personalities and we do not all have to get along, but going out of your way to be mean to someone or exclude them in a group situation is just wrong.

  3. sad. #4 is going to be addressed at the Healthy Living Summit blogger weekend next weekend in Philly.
    gross #1. hovering is dumb. and gross.

    great post!

  4. I would have to agree with all. I mean, I hate going to the bathroom and getting the spray..OR seeing a mess from someone elses time of the month..THat one erks me beyond belief, I mean I don't EVER do that in my home why would I leave it in a public place??
    I don't have many female friends due to cliques. Mean why can't in that area we be like men, walk into a room and hoot and everyone laughs and they get along....

  5. I totally agree. Unfortunately the cliques and bullying kind of go hand in hand.

  6. In total agreement with you here! Why do we make it worse on each other?!

  7. #1- I have NEVER understood this either. And please for the love of all things you consider holy....FLUSH!!!

    #2 You have just described my Mother-in-law to a tee. She walked out in lace covered stretch pants the other day...couldnt say anything due to laughing so hard. Her answer? "What? they are new, you don't like them?"

    #3 & #4 You would think as adults whom have started campaigns all over the US to stop the Bullying that we would at least be able to set the example.

    Well said!

  8. I hate going into a bathroom and finding a mess on the toilet seat, around the toilet, in the toilet (and sometimes it is a red mess, too).

    I don't like how females of any age dress like sluts! What has happened to the morality of females? Don't they realize that they are all playing into the hands of men? Why is it that having more equality with men means being and dressing more like a loose slut. I do believe that women should dress appropriately. I guess it stems from my religious beliefs.

    As for bullying; some women have always felt that they are in competition with all other females out there and that they must have the upper hand. It is part of their psychological profile. These women can be mean and vindictive. I just try to avoid them.

  9. I completely agree all 1-4 of them. I hate that too with a passion. #2 well actually all of the above but especially #2. and then some women wonder why there teenage daughters are dressed the same way.

  10. Your bullying point is on target. It is a problem that should not exist.

  11. The hovering over the seat cracked me up, and it's SO true! Honestly, I just don't understand women, and I am one.

  12. Sadly, this is why the majority of my friends are men. I must not speak woman or something!

  13. This blog post seems a little bully-ish. Judgmental much?

  14. I love how all of the mean comments that come through my blog are all anonymous. At least I put my name to what I write. It was not written in a bully type manner. It was meant to be tongue in cheek and to draw attention to how women should not bully and tear each other down.

    Feel free to leave another bully-ish anonymous judgmental comment on MY blog though and have a wonderful day.



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