So This is What an 11 Year Old Googles

7:44 AM

My 11 year old, God love him, is a little eccentric. He will come up to me throughout the day and spout off random facts. "Hey mommy, did you know there there are (insert random number here) different types of plant diseases." To which I say something like "Um Joshua, does mommy look like farmer Joe or Mary Mary Quite Contrary." (<-- The answer to this is no. I don't by the way.) So then he just huffs at me, shakes his head in disgust at how silly his mom is and walks away.

The point is, I have to wonder where he gets this random information, so I went in search of his iPod. I let him Google freely with settings in place, but he knows the first time I catch something bad, the iPod is gone. I looked through his history the other day and cracked up. This is what an 11 year old boy Googles.

"Are Fairies Real?" - Hmm I guess he was doing some research for Peter Pan.

"Can my iPod talk to me?" - I sure as hell hope not. If it is talking to you, we may have issues.

"Police Sirens" - Yeah, I found out what this was for the other day as we were driving down the road and he set one off. Good way to lose your iPod by the way.

"Can my iPod become a phone?" - Yes, through the transformative powers of "you" and "wish." (Spell check tells me transformative is not a word, but I like it, so it is staying.)

"How to write in Chinese?" - He actually did practice writing in Chinese. He has no idea what it says, but it looks pretty cool.

So there you have it, a look at the inner workings of a tween's Google habits. By the way, if your company decides to use this information to influence their marketing strategy to kids online, I totally want my cut!

What is the weirdest thing you have ever googled? 

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  1. Lol that is cute. My kids are not on the computer yet, but I search recipes, definitions of words(since I sucked at this in English) and home inspiration. Love home decor!

  2. Yep Nichol, I Google everything! I am an avid googler and I know that is where he gets it from, but some of his searches just made me giggle.

  3. That's fantastic! My son is an AVID Wiki reader. So he doesn't google so much, but he will search around a Wiki for days and days. He totally gets it from his dad.

  4. LOVE it! Has he since removed the police siren feature?

  5. Marianna, he had a little help from mom on that one. :)

  6. I do NOT want my teens to find out about the police siren app! That is not cool! lol I google weird stuff, and so do my kids. I probably do not even want to look it up, lol. (not what they look up is bad, because they know what they lose when they do) But I sell Pure Romance, so any weird stuff is usually me, haha. Foreplay tips to share, etc, haha.

  7. aww, that's too funny...I wonder what my munchkins will google when they're old enough?

  8. Oh that's funny and cute. The police siren kinda cracked me up :-)

  9. Oh the mind fo a curious 11 yr old. Too funny.

  10. How cute... I like the faries one. How did he set off the police siren?
    Cool that he wants to write in Chinese.
    I Google everything, so I don't even know what the weirdest thing would be.
    Lorie of The Shewbridges

  11. It's fun to see the inner workings of a child's head.



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