How to Make a Robot Cake

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To be fair, I need to mention that it was my mom who actually made this cake. She always makes the best cakes for the boy's birthdays and last week, she made this robot cake for my oldest son Joshua's 11th birthday. Want to know how to recreate it for yourself? Check out the details below.


Cake Mix
22 M&M's
4 Twizzlers
4-5 Chocolate Covered Cookies
6 Peach Ring Gummies
1 Sour Straw cut into 4 pieces
Grey icing for the main color.
Red secondary icing


1. Mix the cake mix and bake as you normally would in a 13 x 9 inch pan. Let the cake cool and remove from the pan.

2. Cut the cake into two pieces, an elongated rectangle with a flared out oval edge for the bottom of the robot and a smaller square/rectangle for the head.

3. Cover the two cake pieces in the grey base icing and then add a square outline of red icing on the rectangle body of the robot to create his control panel.

4. Place 4 rows of 5 M&M's evenly within the control panel on the robot's body. and place 4-5 chocolate covered cookies at the very bottom for his wheels. Separate the body from the wheels with two strings of Twizzlers.

5. Place two Twizzler arms on your robots body and then place two pieces of sour straw at the top of the body to connect it to the head piece of the cake.

6. Top the head with two more pieces of sour straw and place two peach rings as eyes for the robot with an M&M in the center of each one. Create a mouth out of the red secondary icing. Place two peach rings on toothpicks for ears on each side of the robot's head.

My mom created a sign on paper for the robot to hold, but you could omit the Twizzlers from the body and write your message there in icing too if you like. Enjoy!

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  1. What a great cake! Nicely done. I bet he loved it!

  2. This is super cute! I had wanted to do a robot theme for my son's third birthday, but he wants dinosaurs instead. He has requested a t-rex cake. Egads.

  3. Such a great cute recipe! Love the cake

  4. This turned out really cute! I tried to make a robot last year and it was awful! It looked like a deranged wal mart smiley face. LOL

  5. lol Rhea, I am sure it looked great. Your cake this year was awesome!

  6. Cool cake!!! Am banking this one in my brain for when the boy is old enough to like robots. The girl is slightly afraid of them lol...

  7. That is too cool! I suck at cakes, so my kids get store bought ones.

  8. Awesome cake! Boys would love this. I stink at baking so it would be a mess haha

  9. That's an awesome cake!! I want to get more creative with cakes!! But, I'm not good enough. LOL



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