Glow Worms Really Do Exist

3:49 PM

Yep, you heard me right, glow worms really do exist. Don't believe me? Check out the picture proof above! This past week, we went on a camping trip and stayed in some cabins about an hour and a half away from home for Joshua's 11th birthday. We went swimming, fishing and even took a canoe trip that lasted a few hours. There were lots of great things to see like a frog egg bundle that looked like a brain and the aforementioned glow worms. Yes, they really do glow and they spew yellow, fowl smelling guts all over your hand when you use them as bait. Check out our adventure below!

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  1. That's just disgusting on too many levels.

    Glad you at least had fun! lol

  2. Oh how cool...
    Hi Im Jacob.
    My momma is Renee over at GLOW Academy..

  3. I LOVE worms. I think I'm the odd man out here...

  4. so where do you get them? my g-sons would love that.



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