Did I Feed Any Boys to the Gators?

9:39 AM

We arrived in Kissimmee on Wednesday and settled into our hotel. Yesterday, we officially kicked off our vacation with a day full of gators. We first visited Boggy Creek Airboat Rides in the morning and then headed on over to Gatorland for more reptile fun. It was hot, but it sure was a blast. The boys had a great time and I got burnt, so all in all, it was a success. Now for the big reveal. Did I feed any of the boys to the gators?

Nope, they all survived the day, but one only made it by the skin of his teeth. Let me tell you, if you are ever in Kissimmee, I cannot recommend these two stops enough. Some of you may remember that I hit both of these locations late last year on the Kissimmee Brandcation trip and they were every bit as amazing this time.

In fact, we had the chance to see a baby gator and a larger 6 foot gator on the airboat ride. The staff at Boggy Creek Airboats are amazing and Bowser the gator makes an appearance for pictures when you are done with your ride. Quite the experience for the boys, especially Jase who asked to see every part of Bowser, especially his rear end. If you are coming to the area for your next vacation, airboat rides start at only $29.95 for adults and $19.95 for children and it is indeed a one of a kind experience.

Gatorland is the perfect place for a bunch of boys, let me tell you. There were gators, snakes, crocodiles and other slithery creatures at every turn. There is also a great splash park that really saved the kids on the hot day under the Florida sun. The shows are hilarious, especially the guys who put on the Gator Wresting Show. You can pay an extra nominal fee and get your photo taken while sitting on a gator or get up close and personal and feed them yourself too.

Today we are headed to the Orlando Science Center, Boardwalk Bowl and Arabian Nights, so check back tomorrow to see who survives!

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  1. How fun!! I bet the boys enjoyed that :)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun, and a perfect threat if someone misbehaves - "I'll feed you to a gator." LOL

  3. My grandchildrens PaPa has a place in Sebring, they will have to check this out when they visit. They'd love it!



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