Communities Take Root with Edy's Fruit Bars

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 I love to see companies reaching out to help those in need. That is why I was thrilled to learn of Edy's Fruit Bars* Communities Take Root program. Together with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Edy's Fruit Bars are reaching out to communities in need and planting orchards in cities around the country. I can remember going out into our front yard as a child growing up, and picking fresh fruit right from the tree. That is certainly an experience that everyone should have the right to have, regardless of their financial ability.

{About the Communities Take Root Program}

"The Edy's Fruit Bars brand isn't just committed to real fruit flavor, it is also committed to revitalizing one of the most precious resources: fruit trees. In 2010, Fruit Bars introduced Communities Take Root, an annual program to provide a source of fresh fruit by planting fruit tree orchards in deserving communities throughout the United States. Beginning April 15, Edy's Fruit Bars is inviting people across the United States to cast their vote to help twenty more communities blossom, one orchard at a time."

{How Can You Help?}

You can lend a hand in the 2011 program by visiting the website and voting for one of the over 100 YMCA's, local food banks, educational centers and other organizations that you feel is most deserving of a new fruit orchard! People of all ages can vote from April 15-August 31, 2011. Beginning on July 1st, when you vote for the organization you feel is most deserving, you will be able to print a $1 off Edy's Fruit Bars coupon (limit 2 per person while quantities last).

At the end of the voting period, the 20 organizations with the most votes will receive a fruit orchard from Edy's Fruit Bars and planted by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Make sure your favorite is on the list and go vote today!

* Edy's is known and marketed as Dreyer's West of the Rockies.  

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  1. I super love this program Edy's is doing!

  2. Sounds like a great program!!

  3. What a great program Edy's is doing! Who doesn't love their fruit bars! We buy them all the time, this just makes them all that much neater!!

  4. It was when I actually read the descriptions of the organizations up for the vote that I fell for the whole concept. Love it!



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