What do Testicals, Potted Meat and Headless Chickens Have in Common?

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They are all components in some of the wackiest summer festivals around. Seriously! I promise I am not pulling your leg. Apparently the long dog days of summer really get to some communities, because they have devised festivals that celebrate just about anything you can think of and some things you may not want to even consider.

1. The Testy Fest

First up is the annual Testical Festival in Rock Creek Lodge, Montana. Remind me never to go here. Seems like the perfect place for my friend Cheryl though, who's recent posts have included talks of vaginas and obscene things to do with your cotton swabs. This yearly festival is for adults only and includes, nudity, drinking, live music and plenty of fried bull testicals. Their motto is "You'll have a ball! If you miss it, you're nuts."

2. The Spam Jam

All I can remember about this popular potted meat is that it used to make me gag at summer camp. Apparently some people are quite fond of Spam however. Hawaiians celebrate their love of it at the annual Waikiki Spam Jam. This wacky summer fest includes plenty of photo opps with the Spam Can himself, games, prizes and tons of inspired Spam creations.

3. Mike the Headless Chicken Days
Photo from MiketheHeadlessChicken.org.

No you are not smoking anything and neither am I. You read that right folks, there is an entire summer festival devoted to celebrating the oddity that was Mike the Headless Chicken. On one fateful day in 1945, a man who was attempting to leave as much of the neck bone as possible for his mother in-law, cut off the head of a chicken and the chicken lived! He didn't just live, he survived for another 18 months! Every year, Mike the Headless Chicken Days celebrate this feat with a two day festival, complete with a 5k walk/run, carnival games and live music.

4. El Salto Del Colacho or the Crazy Elvis Men Jump Over Babies Festival

Out of all the crazy summer festivals I researched, this was by far the most disturbing. The tradition of El Salto Del Colacho began in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain in 1620. El Colacho is believed to be the devil and each year, grown men dressed in costumes that are reminiscent of Elvis's less fashionable days leap over newborn babies with whips in their hands, attempting to cleanse of evil spirits. Mommas, keep your babies away from Spain in the summer!

5. Humungus Fungus Festival

Photo from the Chicago Tribune.

In early August each year in Crystal Falls, Michigan, you can get your fungus on. Featuring a gigantic mushroom weighing more than 11 tons and covering over 37 acres, this festival is a tribute to delicious edible mold. Sit back and enjoy the Strong Man Contest, take part in the Duck Race Raffle and enjoy a slice of Humungus Fungus mushroom pizza!

Do you have any crazy festivals in your local area? We have a Mullet Toss Festival in April. The fish, not the hair. How about you?

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  1. Awww come on Nichol, you mean you don't want to jump over babies and celebrate headless chickens?

  2. hmmm ooooooooooooooooooooooook.

  3. Wow - I'm speechless. No weird festivals in my area - just popcorn and a poet. lol!

  4. Hi Kat, :) Ty for stopping by my blog :)

  5. that baby jumping thing makes me feel sad :( But yeah, the others are pretty crazy!! Try saying 'testicle festival' 5 times fast!

  6. Only you Heather. :)

    Your more than welcome Renee, I love stopping in to see your newest creations. You are much more talented than me.

  7. Ok, these are HYSTERICAL!! I'm all over that Testicle Festival! wooten!!

  8. Nutty!!

    The baby one is just plain wrong. Who are the crazy moms that put their babies through that...

  9. I agree, but I think you also have to consider it is a different country and culture, as well as a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years.

    That being said, my baby would not be lying on one of those mattresses anytime soon.

  10. Ok I really dont understand the baby thing. Running from bulls and now this. Im not sure if I would want my baby out in the middle of this.



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