How Tasseled Pasties and Google Page Rank Can Slow Down Your Day

1:58 PM

Okay, so right about now you are wondering what in the heck tasseled pasties have to do with Google Page Rank or perhaps you are contemplating assigning a PG13 rating to my blog. The truth is, this post has less to do with tasseled pasties (sorry guys) and more to do with how I have the attention span of a flea (Oh look, a squirrel.)

I honestly think I have adult ADHD. I will be focused on something intently and then I will be distracted by weird things, like people telling me to go Google blue waffles (<-- totally don't do this unless you want to be scarred for life.)

So, as I was saying, I was writing a post the other day and it was going along well. Somewhere along the line, I left the post screen to go get a link and that lead to me having a discussion about tasseled pasties for BlogHer with a great blogger on Twitter, cheering and Posting on Facebook about finally getting a Google page rank after all this time, paying two bills online, checking my email (twice), checking my stats and googling things to do in  Marianna, FL. About an hour and a half later, the post that only lacked a link was finally posted.

I think I need professional help!

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  1. LOL that happens to me a lot! And YAY for having a rank! Go mama go!

  2. Thanks ladies. I really thought it would never come. I was a zero for just over a year and then all of a sudden they decided to bestow Page Rank upon me.

  3. Congrats on the rank. The distraction happens to me all the time. I'll be sitting here surfing, and before I know it, I've got 10 tabs open. *This is where it's important for site owners to note that opening links in a new tab is important if you want those of us with short attention spans to come back to your site.

  4. In fact, I stopped reading half way through your post to check my stats. LOL. I never have less than 40 tabs opened and I rarely ever finish something start to finish without wandering off to do something in between. It's bad...pretty sure I need some professional help myself. ;)


  5. Yay for GPR! I'm so easily distracted too. In fact, I better go get back to my post I was writing.... ;-)

  6. I do this all the time! But I blame my distraction on old age and dwindling concentration.

  7. I have ADHD when I'm on the computer. Sometimes I have like 30 tabs open. LOL Than I forget what I was doing. It's bad,

  8. Oh man, that's SO me!!! Doot doot doot, what was I going to do? Oh. LOOK! New reading material! Oh, let's check the weather. Email.... Facebook, chat with people. Yep, every single day.



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