How Sister Wives and The End of The World Can Really Make You Think

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Recently, two things I have seen on television have really made me wonder about the society we have become. I never thought that Sister Wives and the supposed impending end of the world would make me really stop to think about things, but indeed they have. Have we become heartless and judgmental as a whole? Kicking people when they are down or not allowing the freedoms of their religion? Let me explain.

{The Sister Wives}

In case you have never heard of it, Sister Wives is a show that features a man named Cody and his now four Sister Wives and their children. Cody is only legally married to his first wife, but they do consider themselves practicing polygamists. Until recently, they lived in Utah, where polygamy is more commonly accepted and all of this is in accordance with their religion. Recently, they were forced to flee to Las Vegas and uproot their entire family because of an investigation that sought to charge them with bigamy since they went public on the Today show.

Whether you agree with their decision to live together as four families in one, is not the point. No one says anyone has to agree with anything. What society should be though is a little less judgmental. Didn't we originally come to this country for freedom to practice our religion? Isn't this a person's right? Or is it just the religions that the whole of society agree with? Now, while I many not agree with their lifestyle, it is their choice and only they can answer for it in the end. I am not going to condemn them and watch tears roll down their faces though. When it boils down to it, they are not harming anyone.

{The World is Ending May 21st}

Another example of the judgement of society came with the story of Robert Fitzpatrick, a man who recently spent his life savings of $140,000 to purchase ads and signs in subways and bus stations to warn others of the impending end of the world, which he believed was May 21st of this year. Needless, to say, that day came and went and the world is still here. Instead of leaving this man in peace, people in Time Square mocked him and laughed at him.

This many truly thought his Savior was coming and it did not occur. Not only that, but he is now broke and penniless because he spent all he had, trying to save others' souls, or at least he thought so. How did those same souls repay him? By laughing at him when he was down. Regardless of whether he was right, he still had the right to believe what he did and he risked all he had to help others. At the very least, that should deserve some sympathy.

Is it any wonder crime rates continue to rise? Is it any wonder our teenagers become more disrespectful and intolerant each year? Look what examples we serve up to our children each day. Basically, we tell them through our actions as a society that it is okay to believe or do as you want, as long as it is not different than the public opinion.

What are your thoughts? I think the world could use a little less judgement and a little more love.

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  1. I think with sister wives, it's a lot like gay marriage. So what if they practice polygamy. They're not hurting anyone, they're not taking other peoples children and lives? They're not bugging anyone. Nor are gay people bugging "straight" people about getting married. Who cares exactly HOW these people are happy, as long as they are. ugh. I'm a little angry about this. lol

  2. I agree, our society needs a LOT less judgment and a whole lot more respect for one another.

    I'm partly jealous of the sister wives. How nice would it be to work all day and come home to a clean house and not have to cook, pay bills, grocery shop, meal plan, etc, etc, etc. I've said for years that I would love a wife at far as I'm concerned I think they have it made. The husband not so much, but the rest has to be nice :)

  3. I agree... people certainly do lack compassion these days and are much quicker to throw salt on open wounds without a second thought. :(

  4. I 3rd what Cheryl said, and I've watched Sister Wives. I've not seen more well adjusted kids in a very long time. No matter what you think of them, they're obviously doing something right as parents.

  5. Polygamy is a choice. It is, also, illegal. Freely violating the law without consequences breeds contempt for the law.

    Overwhelmingly most prosecutions involving 'polygamy' are related to child abuse. This is not acceptable.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick made a decision. Apocalyptic millenialists have come and gone for centuries. Obviously, all were shown to be wrong. Mr. Fitzpatrick made a choice. People should respect his beliefs and they would in an ideal world. Regardless, it will not be easy for him.

    I am not interested in condemning anyone. What happens between them and God is between them and God. I can only take care of one person - myself...

  6. I agree with you on the fact that we can all just take care of ourselves MTgunfighter. In the case of Sister Wives, it is very clear that the children in this case are well adjusted, clearly happy and not abused. I do realize that not all polygamist situations are the same, as I realize that many monogamous families above their children as well.

    Honestly, I find it hard to understand a country that is supposed to be all about freedoms, especially the freedom of religion, condemning and prosecuting people based on a practice that falls squarely into their practiced religion.

    I could understand if they were just saying this was their religion to get around a loop hole or whatnot, but they actively practice this religion and it is part of what they believe.

    Like I said in my post, it is not a lifestyle decision I would make and I understand obviously that it is a choice on their part, but it would be a shame to see loving parents rot in jail and siblings torn apart while murderers and rapists run free.

    I appreciate your perspective and thank-you for sharing your comment!



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