6 Summer Staycation Ideas for Families on a Budget

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Families all over the country are gathering their things and packing up for summer vacations. Many are turning to staycations instead this year, to save a little money and support their local economy. What do you do on a staycation though? What are your options? Read on for some fun staycation ideas for families on a budget this summer.

Visit the Library

Libraries often have amazing summer programs. Some may just have story hour,  but others have full fledged programs on certain days of the week that are usually free. Not to mention that your kids can have a blast getting their very own library card to check out books and even movies.

Knock Down Some Pins

Visit KidsBowlFree.com for information on bowling alleys around you that may be participating in this promotion. Basically, all children receive two free games of bowling per day during the summer. Parents can buy a summer pass to get the same two games per day free, for up to four adults for only $24.99. You do have to pay for shoe rental, but this is still a deep discount compared to regular prices.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Camping is a fun and low cost way to explore what your local area has to offer. Tent camping at state parks is usually in the $14-$20 per night range and gives you full access to the parks and facilities. This is a lot cheaper than a hotel room and a lot more fun for the kids. Go ahead and let the little ones go fishing too. No permit is required for children in most states, so you are only out the cost of a pole. Start sets can be purchased at Walmart for as little as $16 if you do not already own one.

Look Into Yearly Passes

Local museums often offer family passes at a discount during the summer. We have a local junior museum that is a zoo and museum location all in one. Their yearly pass for a family of four is only $60 and you can use it as much as you want for the next 365 days! Keep an eye out for free family days as well. The local science museum offers free admission during certain days in the summer.

See a Movie

Normally, movies would not be considered family entertainment, but during the summer, many movie theaters offer summer movie programs, where the cost of entry is as little as $1. Unfortunately, AMC claims there was no interest in their program and has discontinued it, but Regal Theaters still offers this great deal for its patrons. You can go to the Regal Theater website to see availability in your area.

Eat for Less

Restaurants love promotions and many of them use the summertime to draw in families. Keep your eyes peeled for kids eat free promotions. iHop for example, offers one free kids meal for every adult meal from 4pm-8pm every day of the week. Some planning can save you a bundle if you plan to eat out during your Staycation.

Do you have some low cost Staycation ideas to share? If so, please share them in the comments below!

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  1. great ideas! It's so hard to entertain kids and keep them engaged in an activity

  2. We often take advantage of Denny's kids eat free on Tuesdays and Saturdays after 4pm, and Chick Fil A from 5:30-8pm. TGIFriday's has kids eat free night on Wednesdays, and Red Robin offers kids a free sundae with their meal on Tuesdays. Red Robin has also made their spaghetti and mac and cheese bottomless for the kids, so the boys can fill up when they're hungry for the price of one meal.

  3. I just got the bill for my surgery, yikes! I needed these ideas. I think Ill take the family bowling for Fathers Day. I was trying to find something low cost to do.

  4. I'll have to check out the yearly passes idea. Thanks for the tips.

  5. great ideas, I love bowling and the movies!



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