10 Summer Essentials for Boys - It's Not What You Think!

8:00 AM

I could fill this post with talk of cute summer clothing or the latest in new video games, but in all honesty, boys are simple. There are really only a few things that are essential to make a boy's summer complete. Below is a slimmed down version of a summer essentials guide for boys. Enjoy!
  1. Dirt
  2. Mud
  3. Worms
  4. A fishing pole. (String, a hook and a stick will work if there is no fancy store pole available)
  5. Bugs (Lightening bugs are a bonus!)
  6. Peanut butter and jelly (Lots of it please.)
  7. Earplugs (Oops this one is for moms.)
  8. Water (Sprinklers, pools, lakes, etc., it really doesn't matter what form.)
  9. Marshmallows (It isn't summer without some roasted marshmallows.)
  10. Sunscreen (They'll fight you on this one, but use it unless you want to be the proud mom of a lobster.)
That's about it. Pretty much all you need to make a little boy happy during the summer can be found above. You could try to throw fancy new toys and trips at them as bribes, but when it boils down to it, boys are happiest when dirty and covered in bugs in their own backyard.

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  1. True! My son couldn't live without his Nerf guns and water guns over the summer. He loves them.

  2. As a mom of a boy... they're the best! Gotta love little boys!

  3. As a mom of three boys (an no girls- heave help us), I can attest to the fact that everyone of these is true... with exceptions...two of my boys love worms, one hates bugs (especially beetles), none of them have ever even been fishing, but would "die" without video games, the kinect, or the like... that's what happens when the cute little boys grow up to be tweens!

  4. Oh no Angela, I have a tween myself and none of mine are under 5, but for some reason they have never gotten into video games too much. The older three just got DS lites this Christmas but don't hardly touch them. We have a Wii that sits unused and a Mobigo for the youngest. Sometimes I almost wish they would play them more often lol.

  5. so true...it's the simple things that are the most fun! My girl isn't into bugs but she is just as happy with bits of string, cardboard, etc. The baby is happiest when he can get his grubby little paws on the remote control!

  6. I have prissy boys. They'd beg to differ. They don't like being dirty, and they don't like worms, and they're TERRIFIED of bugs.

  7. lol Amanda. That could be a good thing. I had a spider shoved in my face today while I was eating my breakfast.



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