10 Phrases Every Parent Will Utter By The End of The Summer

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All parents start out the summer vacation period with high hopes of family fun in the sun. This goes well for a while until the kids start to complain of being "bored" or fight incessantly. I love my children, but by the end of the summer, I hear myself muttering every one of the phrases below. Check them out. Can you relate?

1. "I need a drink" - I am not even a drinker, but by the end of the summer, it is mighty tempting.

2. "Only 50 more days, only 40 more days......." - We all do the countdown sooner or later.

3. "Where's my padded cell?"  - Four kids, all summer, one house, surely a recipe for a padded cell stay.

4. "You can't possibly be bored." - No matter how many toys or activities you have, your child will be bored at least 4,567 times during the summer.

5. "My name is not Mommy." - Mommy is a very bad five letter word by the end of the summer.

6. "I don't care." - There are only so many questions one parent can answer before resorting to this phrase.

7. "Can I go to the bathroom alone?" - Children will follow you anywhere and even the bathroom will not be a spot of refuge as they yell at you from the other side of the door. You know, "so you can hear."

8. "Go watch TV." or "Go play video games." - None of us want to encourage our children to sit in front of electronics, but sometimes it becomes a sanity saver in the summer.

9. "Stop fighting!" - If you have more than one child and they are close together in age and of the same sex, you know exactly how many times this phrase is used during the summer.

10. "I love you." - We will say this a million times, even through the whining and pestering that summer brings. In the little moments when we look at our kids and remember how lucky we are to have them in our lives. The stress of summer will melt away and in those moments, only your love for your child will matter.

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  1. LOLOL! I say these phrases every single day and it's not even summer yet!

  2. Great post. I'm with Rhea this is daily for me lol

  3. I'm with Rhea too - my kids don't go to school yet so everyday is a 'home' day. And boy oh boy it was a long winter!

  4. Let's see, since I home school my children, I may say #9 a few times a year, #10 everyday, the rest: never. I have been a home schooler for over 20 years and those other phrases I have never said. (six children)

  5. Oh my...I've said these phrases so my times.

  6. I haven't been to the bathroom alone in 10 years. You know it's bad when my husband will say to the boys, "Will you leave your mother alone?"

  7. You got me! I've already done #1, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10. My daughter will even come into the bathroom with food she's eating! I'm not having her eat lunch while watching me!



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