Osama bin Laden Dead and in US Custody - Should We Feel Safe?

11:43 PM

It is very real and true folks, after years of terrorizing the minds of US citizens with the threat of a repeat of the horrid events that occurred on September 11th, Osama bin Laden has been found dead and his body is reportedly in US custody. He was killed in Pakistan and news went out to the White House as early as Sunday morning. It was confirmed by the president at 11:35pm this evening that he was indeed killed in an operation led by the United States.

The president decided last week that there was enough intelligence to warrant an operation to attack a small bunker area in Pakistan where Osama was rumored to be hiding and this morning the operation was carried out. No US individuals were harmed in this operation and the US troops took care to minimize civilian casualties. Osama bin Laden was killed in the gun fire and the US troops took possession of his body.

The president addressed the nation this evening and live streaming footage and updates can be viewed on CBS News. Undoubtably, the death of this terrorist is a victory for the citizens of the United States and all of the other countless countries and people he has terrorized. I can't help but wonder though, should we feel safe? Will there be retaliation? We can rejoice in one victory, but what is to come as we look ahead? Right now, the only thing I am sure of, is that I am eternally grateful to the troops and individuals who risk it all on a daily basis to keep this country safe and free!

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  1. OMGAWD i have not watched the news today..

  2. I doubt this really changes anything in the way his terrorist organization runs.

  3. No, we should not feel safe. There will always be anti-American people out there who want to kill us. BUT, I do not feel that we, as the American people, should be forced to either get into machines that fill us full of x-rays, nor do we deserve to have to have someone touch us improperly (to put it nicely) just because we want to travel somewhere.



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